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Texas Roadhouse, San Antonio, TX

21 August 2016

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We had dinner here evening before last with Ian in the San Antonio Food Tour. 🙂

We had called ahead for seating, and when we got to the restaurant at 1730, it was packed, with a long waiting line. Fortunately, we only waited five minutes since we had called ahead.

Ian and I had steak, both of us had ribeyes. Both steaks were cooked perfectly to order (medium and medium rare), and were very good cuts. Mine had no spots that were not tender.

Raegan had a grilled shrimp dinner.

Nothing was left of any of these meals. Service was very good, we never ran out of iced tea. Our check was $60.56. Good food.


Cool Things From The Air, DFW-SAT-PHX-SLC-DFW

28 May 2016

Note:  I found this draft post from April 2015 on my blog, and decided I ought to finish it.  I seem to remember I was trying to pin down the exact location of one of the photos.  Oh well.


I was on travel the past week [note, actually 13-17 April 2015], and saw some interesting things from the window seat.

The photos are on my Google+ site here.

I saw the very pretty Lake Belton in central Texas, followed shortly by downtown Austin.

I was astounded at the amount of mining going on between Austin and San Antonio.  I went hiking at a park west of San Antonio a couple years ago, and passed several mining operations, and saw more from the air flying in and out.

One facility right outside one of these mines caught my eye.  The Bexar Concrete facility had a lot of what looked like tubes outside it, but on closer Google Maps examination, I think the “tubes” are highway overpass beams.

On Wednesday I flew from SAT to PHX.  I was astounded by the number of oil facilities along the way.  I’ve seen some of those when flying from DFW to SAN, but the sheer number are amazing.

I also saw the very dense King Mountain Wind Farm.  King Mountain looks to me more like a mesa.

We continued north of PHX towards SLC.  Over Williams, I saw a sun reflection off a track track, it was very cool.

I had high expectations of seeing Grand Canyon shortly thereafter.  It was clear, and the network of canyons to the south of Grand Canyon  (Havasu Creek) was clearly visible.

[This, BTW, is what led me to not completing this post.  I was trying to identify this odd structure that I thought was right on the Canyon rim.]


Right after the picture of Havasu Creek, we ran over clouds that blanketed Grand Canyon.  Very annoying.  I thought the structure above was right on the north rim, but today, I did a little dead reckoning using time instead of airspeed, and that analysis placed that structure near Jacob Lake.

Next I started looking for some structures that I thought to be near Bryce Canyon, but again I had no luck finding the exact location.

For the return from SLC to OKC (via DFW), I was lucky enough to get a great shot of Philmonts Baldy Mountain, and a canyon between there and DFW.

I’ll keep looking for the stuff near Grand Canyon, I really want to find it.

Nicha’s, San Antonio, TX

22 February 2016

Nicha's Comida Mexicana Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

This completes my reviews of restaurants from a business trip to San Antonio. I had dinner with a number of work friends at Nicha’s 14 April 2015. The place was recommended by one of the guys on the trip.

I had Carne Guisada, and it was very, very good. I do not like my food to be super spicy, and the guisada had just the right amount of bite. I thought the portion size was a little on the small side, but it wasn’t so small I was hungry later. The iced tea was very good. Service was on the slow side, but we weren’t in any hurry, so that wasn’t an issue. My check was about $14.00.

Hiking Eisenhower Park, San Antonio, TX

28 August 2010

I was in San Antonio for a meeting at the beginning of this week. When I got there Monday, I drove out to a big state park to try hiking, but the place was closed. So after the meeting Tuesday, there was not enough time to drive out that far, so I picked Eisenhower Park. It was about a 10-min drive from my hotel. Tuesday was unique in that San Antonio set a record high of 103F for that day. There was an occasional breeze, but the humidity was in the 90%+ range, so by the end of the day I was soaked! Shorts, socks, shirt, pretty sweaty. The good news: there was an Academy at the turnoff for the park, and they had boots on sale! So I bought a new pair and broke them in on this hike. I hope they last as long as the Cherokees I bought in 1992.

There were water fountains in the park, but I didn’t see any faucets, so you might want to fill up your water bottle before coming out.

I got there around 1400 and hiked until 1700. There were thunderstorms brewing the entire time I was there, but I didn’t get any rain. The clouds did block some of the sun, making it slightly less relentless. There were maybe three cars in the parking area when I got there. There are a lot of pavilions and picnic tables around the parking area.

First of all, this is pretty much desert.

A significant part of the trails are paved, so part of it is accessible. I chose to take the Hillview trail, which essentially goes around the perimeter of the park. It starts off as a road, but then quickly changes to a path.

Note the little thunderstorm in the distance. That puppy kept the park shaded for the first part of the hike, very nice.

In several places, they have this sign.

I looked the entire hike, but no cougars (darn it). In fact, there was little wildlife. Some birds and a couple squirrels was about it.

This is typical of the trails. Nice and wide.

The first part of the trail (the southeast part) is next to a quarry. There are several signs on the fence that say “Quarry, Danger, Keep Out”. One of the signs is next to a park with kids toys to play on, on the quarry grounds, so I thought that kind of amusing.

While I have always thought of San Antonio as flat, it is in close proximity to the Texas Hill Country, and as such Eisenhower Park has some elevation changes. You can see the trail is uphill a bit farther on from where this picture was taken.

On the west side of the park, but not on the highest point, is a nice observation tower. You can see a quarry and downtown from there pretty well.

A little later, a thunderstorm that had brewed up north of San Antonio moved into view. There was some wind damage from the storm, and I think it came from a microburst. In this picture, you can see the characteristic “backsplash” of the microburst downdraft.

I took a detour off the Hillview trail on to the Red Oak trail. It goes a bit down and back up, and is a lot rockier. You get to do some stairstepping along here was well.

Coming down the northeast part of the Hillview trail, I started seeing more thunderstorms to the northwest of me, headed generally my direction. I had intended to take another trail, but decided against it since I was hearing more and more thunder.

This was a nice park, and a nice way to spend a couple San Antonio hours not in a hotel room. I logged 3.9 miles per the GPS. The sweating part was not so much fun, but it was a pretty area, you couldn’t hear much in the way of traffic or machinery, and it was close to the metro area.

This is the GPS track map overlayed on Google Maps.

And this is the altitude plot. It looks seriously hilly until you look at the scale – about 200 feet total.

Fun hike, recommended. One thing I noticed was there there have been a number of Eagle Scout service projects at the park, including some of the trail signs, the maps, etc. I think that is great!

The County Line, San Antonio, TX

25 August 2010

The County Line BBQ on Urbanspoon

I started off this evening not terribly hungry, and very sweaty after my hike. A quick shower left me hungry, so I drove out to find something close and fast.

I drove past The County Line and thought I would check it out. It’s decor is an old saloon. Now, there is a County Line in Oklahoma City, and I thought from the different decor that they were not related. After checking the website, turns out they are the same place. Another location that I have eaten in is at Austin, with friends Jamie and Jim.

So since I had BBQ for lunch yesterday, I thought I would get a steak. I settled on a chicken fried steak. It was excellent! The basic CFS is $9.99, and the large is $12.99 (the large is TWO of the basic CFSs!). The CFS was mostly fork tender, but I had to cut through a couple tough places. There were also a couple voids in the breading, but not too big. The breading was not too sweet like it is a lot. I did have to ask for extra gravy. The gravy was interesting. It had some garlic in it, but you could also taste the flour, so it was made locally.

The meal came with two sides. I got mac and cheese, and it was cheesy and yummy, Erin would have approved. I also got pinto beans, and they were pretty basic. One thing about the sides – they were in a big soup cup.

I got iced tea – it came in a big plastic glass and was kept aggressively refilled.

I got there about 1810 and left about 1848. They have wifi (it’s WPA, the key is “Barbeque”). Service was good. The place was probably 50% filled the entire time I was there. My check was $12.95.

Taqueria Mexico, San Antonio, TX

25 August 2010

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One funny thing. I looked this restaurant up on Google, and got a hit for the website; it belongs to a place in Waltham, MA.

We ate here for lunch on the recommendation of the local folks that we were meeting with. It was good! We were recommended to get one of the lunch specials. I didn’t see any of those that are one of my regular tex-mex meals, except for chicken fajitas, so instead I got flautas. I’ve never had those before. They are corn tortillas wrapped around (in this case) ground beef (chicken is also available). They were OK, but were a little crunchy on the ends. I asked for some chili con carne to dump on them, and the server said “you mean gravy?”. HOT DAMN, I could say YES with confidence, and sure enough, I got some chili gravy shortly thereafter, which I promptly dumped all over the flautas. The meal came with a bed of lettuce and tomato chunks (yes, R2, I ate all of them), beans, and orange rice. It was all very good, and was not a huge amount of food.

The meal started with a salsa that was hot. Literally heated up and steaming. It was fairly spicy as well. It was a bit thinner than I like, but the taste was great. The chips were pretty standard. I got iced tea, and it was good and strong and kept refilled.

Service was excellent. We had a group of eight, and got 15% force-added for a tip. The service was good, though, and I left some extra. My check was $8.62, a good value for the taste and portion size. We got there about 1115 and were out at 1215.

Jacala Mexican Restaurant, San Antonio, TX

24 August 2010

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A co-worker mentioned several times over the past couple years how much she enjoyed “chili gravy”. Now, that’s a combination of two of my favorite words, so I of course asked what it was, and was informed it was kind of a heavy chili con carne.

Well, I’m in San Antonio, so I have to try chili gravy. I did a little research, and found that Jacala has the finest in the city (note this is not a universal sentiment, but there was a lot of commentary about Jacala, and it was close to the hotel).

Started off with salsa and chili con queso. The salsa was thin and had decent spice heat. The queso wasn’t very spicy, and seemed to be velveeta. The tea was good and refilled often.

I got the Mexican Meal (I think it was #24), which is three cheese enchaladas and a puffy beef taco, with beans (I have seen references to “puffy tacos” on marquees all over town). I upgraded the enchaladas to chicken enchaladas for $0.20 each. The puffy taco was a smallish tortilla that has been cooked up to be sort of air filled and fluffy, and then had beef, lettuce, and tomato. The enchaladas were covered in… chili gravy! They were pretty darn good also. The beans were pretty standard.

Overall, this was a good meal. I would not recommend getting the queso, but the rest was good. I was there with a coworker. We got there about 1745 and left about 1915. The restaurant was not crowded. My check was $16.75, of which $5 was the queso I would not recommend. Service was good.

Grady’s Bar-B-Que, San Antonio, TX

23 August 2010

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This is a real-time post!

I’m visiting the San Antonio area. I ate at Grady’s a number of years ago, and liked it, but I had to explore around a bit to find it. I’m at the location north of the airport on Nakoma.

I got a two meat dinner with brisket and light chicken. The brisket is just a bit tough but has great flavor. It has a bit of “regular” sauce that I would normally call mild.
The chicken is wonderful! Moist and full of smoky flavor, just great. The sauce really brings out the flavor.

The standard sides are potato salad and pinto beans. The beans are plain and simple. The potato salad is great! Creamy mayo and just a hint of mustard, no big nasty chunks of celery or anything like that.

The iced tea is serve youself, and strong and good.

I got here at 1155 and the place was pretty much empty. My check was $10.39.

I would not mind eating here again.