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Miller’s Cafe and Bakery, Littleton, NH

6 August 2016

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After Erin and I did some hiking, we headed back to Littleton to meet up with Raegan, and get lunch.

Miller’s was almost empty when we got there. The menu was kind of limited, but Erin and I got a club sandwich. The sammiches were very good, not too big, and filled us up after the hike. They came with some penne pasta noodles. They didn’t have any iced tea, so I had a Coke.

Service was very friendly. Our check was $26.21. I thought that while the sandwich was OK, the menu was a bit limited.

City Bites, Oklahoma City (Western)

10 July 2014

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Raegan and Erin and I had dinner here last night after a meeting at the Girl Scout office. Raegan got a baked potato with ham, bacon and cheese; it was good, but huge, so she took half of it home for lunch today. Erin got a mesquite chicken sandwich, pizza bites, and ate all of both. I got something new for me, a beefeater on wheat, subbing the sour cream for a bit of ranch dressing; it was pretty darn good. I liked the fried potatoes in the sandwich, and the beef was tender and tasty.

We got the usual assortment of chips and the always-excellent City Bites cookies. The iced tea was brewed and pretty darn good. Our check was $36.47. Good meal, fast.

The Pickle Barrel, Bozeman, MT

28 July 2012

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We hit The Pickle Barrel after a very enjoyable visit to the nearby Computer Museum. The PB is north of the college campus.

We got there around 1430 and left around 1520. The actual restaurant is mainly the place you order from. There is a small patio area just outside with maybe five tables with shades over them. All of the tables were full, except for the biggest one, which had four places available, but the people there didn’t want to share, the rude pigs. We took our food across the street onto the campus, found a picnic table under some beautiful shady trees, and had our lunch there.

Ian and I got cheese steaks. These are thin-sliced and grilled beef with onions (green peppers and mushrooms are an option). That’s where the comparison to Philly-style steaks ends. The meat is grilled with BBQ sauce, with provolone cheese grated right into the mess. It’s dumped out on a white sub roll. That was one fine sandwich. Ian and I both polished off ours without any effort. I would have liked to have it on wheat.

Raegan got a 1/4 ham and swiss with lettuce and tomato. She said the ham was excellent, although she is not crazy about white bread.

A word about size: the half sandwich is 8 inches; the full is 16″!

The have fountain drinks but no iced tea. I had lemonade. They are a Pepsi shop for the fountain stuff, but have bottled Coke. Overall, a very good sandwich, and eating outside with the nice temperature and no bugs was pleasant. Our check was $24.15. The staff was super nice.

Chama Boxcar Cafe, Chama, NM

24 November 2011

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We typically take US 84 into Pagosa Springs, CO for our ski trips. This takes us through Chama, NM. It was lunchtime, so we cruised through town, and settled on the Boxcar Cafe.

We got there around 1300 and left around 1400. The place was uncrowded. Ian got a Boxcar Burger. The beef was cooked perfectly, and had lots of flavor. Erin got chicken fingers that were really good. I got the enchilada plate. This was different for me – the enchilada was flat (just as advertised on the menu), and came with posole, which I had not had before. Every scrap was eaten. The chilis and chili con carne were excellent. Raegan got a grilled ham and swiss, and it was one of the best I have had. The bread was very tasty, there was a good amount of excellent ham.

We ordered three bowls of soup – they were good. The only thing I would count them down on was the iced tea – it was Lipton, and was odd, like a concentrate.

Our check was $50.09. A bit of this was the soup. We would be happy to go back.

Foodies, Omaha, NE

17 November 2011

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I had lunch here after visiting Tea Smith to get some Yunnan Gold (great stuff!); the two places are in the same shopping center.

Foodies has sandwiches, soup, pizza. I got a Classic BLT. It had lots of B, middling L, and just enough T. The sandwich was excellent, very tasty, with crunchy B. I got it on wheat bread.

The meal came with soup, which today was beef barley. First of all, it was HOT! As it cooled, it was really, really tasty. It had (amazingly enough) beef and barely, but also carrots and celery.

They have China Mist iced tea. I tried some, not expecting anything good, but was pleasantly surprised. The China Mist didn’t suck nearly as much as most of the China Mist I have tried! It wasn’t nearly as good as real brewed iced tea, but it was drinkable.

The place was almost empty when I got there for late lunch at 1500. My check was $11.45. The place was good, I will go back.

Panera Bread, All Over The Darn Place

30 June 2009

I spent a chunk of time this evening at the Panera Bread on NW Expressway in OKC. As I was writing the entry on Chipotle in a Panera, it occurred to me that I had not written about… Panera.

I do not remember where I first ate in a Panera, but I’ve been in them all over the country. They are one of the few places that I will go to just hang out. A couple weeks ago, I used a Panera in Ocala, FL to dry out after a VERY wet hike in a Florida thunderstorm. I have used one in Las Vegas to get critically needed information to an associate for an aircraft mod. I’ve sat in Paneras for telecons and video teleconferences, to read and send email, and to, well, eat.

I think that Paneras started in St. Louis. My very cute but sandwich loving roommate and I had our kids to St. Louis for a vacation a couple years ago, and we had a lunch in a St. Louis Bread Company, and we noticed that all the art and graphics and menus were the same, just the name changed from SLBC to PBC as you got outside the St. Louis metro area (for example, we stopped at a PB in Rolla.

I like the Smokehouse Turkey sandwich. I also like the potato soup. Panera has EXCELLENT iced tea – I have never had coffee-flavored or otherwise vile tea there.

Panera has some excellent dessert stuff. The Very Chocolate Brownie is really good, and the Chocolate Chippers cookies are also. I have had their muffins as well, they are very good.

Crisper’s, Lakeland, FL

18 June 2009

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After my training was over for this trip, I decided to go on a hike in the Richloam section of Florida’s Withlacoochee State Forest. Unfortunately, the hike was deluged out by a series of thunderstorms.

However, I ate lunch at a place called Crisper’s Fresh Salads, Sandwiches, and Soups. It was pretty good.

Getting there was a heck of a trip. I had decided to have lunch in Lakeland, and wanted a place with Wi-Fi. Both Panera Bread and Crisper’s came up, and they won out since they were new to me. I looked for the Google-listed location on S. Florida Avenue, but it was not to be found. I called the number on the listing and found that a (or, I think, “the”) Crisper’s was about a mile to the west. I theorize that the location was moved from the older shopping center on Florida to a newer one on Harden, and Google’s listing has not caught up yet.

I got a pulled pork half sandwich on wheat, a cup of chicken noodle soup, and a peanut butter cookie. All were pretty good. The pulled pork was NOT made by roasting pork loin, pulling it, and dumping on sauce. It was made by cooking the pork loin in the sauce, and that makes a big difference. The soup was good also, not so much big chunks of chicken and veg as a lot more smaller chunks. The PB cookie was good, but those are really hard to mess up. The tea was excellent. They also had sweet and raspberry varieties for those who like that sort of thing.

I used the wi-fi to check my email and double-check my navigation while I was there. I could not find any outlets to plug my phone into, so the teleconference I was multi-tasking into got cut a bit short. I need to get a car adapter for my Blackberry, or carry an inverter around everywhere.