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Saucee Sicilian, Oklahoma City, Food Truck

27 October 2014

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The Saucee Sicilian food truck was at the Girl Scout GirlFest yesterday, so I decided to give them a try.

A word of advice: when the wind is blowing 25mph+, perhaps carrying a flat 1ft**2 plate of pizza is perhaps not the optimum thing to do. That pizza had two near-misses of flying out of my hand, and of course, odds are it would have landed upside down. When I got back to our exhibit in the trees, it was a lot less windy, but I still had two falling leaves land on lunch. 🙂

So being a food truck, you shouldn’t expect to have a full menu. They had four pizzas yesterday, and I got pepperoni, or rather “The Courage” (it isn’t on the published menu). That was a darn fine pizza. Thin and crunchy crust, excellent cheese flavor, and clearly fresh pepperonis. Erin and Raegan tried some and liked it. I ate all of it. It was built and baked right there, nothing premade except perhaps the crust. It took about 10 minutes, not bad at all.

Service was fast and friendly. My check was $7.00, not bad value.

I would like to find them around here again and try the meatballs. They look good.