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Some Lessons Learned, Order of the Arrow Weekend

28 August 2016

I was nominated for the Scouting honor camping group Order of the Arrow (OA) a couple months ago. This past weekend, I was able to participate in the Ordeal Experience, which is an induction to the Order.

It was held at our Council Camp George Thomas, near Lawton. I was well prepared gear-wise by emails from the local OA Lodge.

Except I suffered somewhat of a failure to really think through my clothing.

I made a conscious decision to wear long pants, as I knew that part of the experience was a work day at the camp. My thought was I might be in brush. I also wore a t-shirt, knowing I would get dirty.

In spite of the fact that I have spent some money on quick-dry stuff for backpacking, I went down there in COTTON jeans and tshirt. So, temps were around 90F, we were working hard outside, and naturally by 0900 I was a soaking wet mess.

One kind of cool thing, I’ve lost enough weight that at one of the breaks, I took my belt off and drilled a hole through it so I could tighten up my jeans.

So I should have worn my new quick-dry Scout uniform shorts (more pockets, too!) and a backpacking shirt. While it would still have been hot, I would have been a little dryer.

Other than my poor choice in clothing, the Ordeal Experience was a chance for good fellowship and meeting some super nice Scouts and Scouters. The camp got a lot of facelift in terms of getting cleaned up after the summer camp season (there was no less than 24 inches of ash in one fire ring we cleaned out, and that thing was four feet in diameter).

The path to our campsite was along the trail my Wood Badge troop had built, I thought that was really neat!

The ceremony crew put on a pair of impressive ceremonies both Friday evening and Saturday afternoon. The only downer was kind of surprising, someone was flying a quadcopter drone over the ceremony Saturday evening, and it was loud and obnoxious. I sorta wish the Guardian had used his bow to shoot the thing down :).

The Saturday night feast was GREAT! Roast beef that was just right.

I’m looking forward to supporting the Lodge and Chapter, although I already wonder how to fit in the time.