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Delta Cafe, Shawnee, OK

3 June 2016

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I generally like the Delta Cafes. Ian and I were driving back to Muskogee one evening back on 10 April, and we were hungry after working most of the day in Muskogee, and Delta Cafe was open.

He had a chicken fried steak, and I had pot roast. It wasn’t very good. His CFS was tough. The pot roast was also.

Service was OK, and the iced tea was good. Our check was $30.77. It just wasn’t very good.

Abuelita’s II, Shawnee, OK

27 May 2013

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We stopped here for dinner this evening coming back from our visit to the Chickasaw Cultural Center. It was pretty good.

Raegan got a shrimp cocktail and really liked it. She also shared some of Erins chicken nachos. Ian ordered chicken soft tacos, but got what looked like soft tacos that had been lightly deep-fried. He liked them just fine. I got a ground beef chimi; it came with frijoles and fried potatoes (which I really liked!), the entire meal was really good.

The iced tea was great, and service was right on the money. Our check was $42.46. Good meal, I’d be happy to go back.

Benton’s Cafe, Shawnee, OK

24 February 2013

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This was a wonderful find! Last Saturday, Ian and Erin and I were coming back from St. Crispin’s and needed lunch, so I picked Benton’s from UrbanSpoon. We got there around 1300 and left about an hour later.

First, let me reflect. Growing up (still an on-going process…), my family would take road trips all over eastern Oklahoma and western Arkansas. We would invariably eat lunch or dinner at cafes that were in the downtown areas of the small towns we passed through or visited. Granny’s Kitchen in Stillwater was a similar place for me in college. Benton’s seems to be the same.

The kids got cheeseburgers. I tried a bite of Erin’s; it was wonderful. A great burger. I got a blue plate special, CFS with mashers and pinto beans as sides. The meal came with a salad of chopped lettuce and house dressing (which was very close to ranch; it was a little pinkish, like it was a ranch and thousand island mix). There was not a scrap of anything left. The CFS was perfect, a 10. Clearly hand breaded, wonderful taste, fork tender all the way, and excellent cream gravy. We got some pie to go (pecan and chocolate creme), also very good.

Service. You can’t call what we got in Benton’s service. It was more like having dinner at a friends house; your friends family sets the table and brings the food. I felt very much at home here. I sort of wanted to wash the dishes.

The iced tea was excellent. Our check was something south of $30 (I can’t find the credit card receipt). This place could easily become a favorite of mine, except we don’t get to Shawnee very often. I intend to go back, often as I can.

Robbs’s Smokehouse, Shawnee, OK

15 November 2010

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This was an outstanding BBQ dinner. We were coming back to OKC from picking Ian up from St. Crispin’s. We wanted to eat at a sandwich shop in Shawnee, but they closed at 1500 and were not inclined to let us eat while they cleaned up. We picked Robb’s from Google Maps, and good reviews.

There was no one there when we got there at 1450, and no one there when we left. A couple to-go people had come and gone.

I got the two meat special, with brisket and ribs, Ian got a half rack of ribs, Raegan got a smoked half chicken, and Erin got a brisket sandwich.

I do not say this lightly, but Robb’s is as good at JT’s. The ribs were perfect – a great red crust without being burned, great flavor, not greasy, and tender! Oh so tender. The bones were positively denuded.

The brisket was tender and full of flavor. It wasn’t stringy. Great stuff.

The only slight disappointment was the chicken. It was well smoked and tasted good, but it was just a bit on the dry side.

We left *nothing* on that table. The tea (both sweet and unsweet), the fountain, both great. The mild sauce was good and added flavor to the meat. The hot sauce wasn’t too hot, and really enhanced the meat. I ended up using a 50/50 blend of the two.

This was a superior BBQ experience. I like Van’s in Shawnee, but given the choice, I would take Robb’s over Van’s. Or do both!

We left around 1600. Our check was $38.58. Great value.

McAlister’s Deli, Shawnee, OK

26 June 2010

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Raegan and I ate at a McAlister’s back in September 2008 in Stillwater, OK. We had gone up there by ourselves for a long weekend at the town and University where we met, and McAlister’s was one of the places we tried. We had basic sandwiches and such and liked them, and put McAlister’s on our list of eating places, but never had an opportunity again until today (there are no McAlister’s along our usual routes of travel around the OKC area).

We were returning from getting Ian from summer camp and we stopped in Shawnee to have lunch. We chose McAlister’s driven basically by a combination of indecisiveness on the part of certain adults, with the basic limitation of no fast food. We got there around noon, and had a two-minute wait to get to a register. The place was about 1/3 full.

We started off with an “appetizer” of Cheese Chili Dip and Chips. Appetizer? It could have been a meal by itself. A 14″ platter with a crock of queso and chili con carne surrounded by a sea of tortilla chips. The four of us managed to eat all the dip, but only about 2/3rds of the very good chips.

Raegan got a Choose Two of a half McAlister’s Club and broccoli and cheddar soup. She pronounced it “OK”, so that’s good.

Ian got a bowl of chili con carne. He spent more time watching pretty girls and eating crackers and drinking Coke than eating, but he ended up eating most of it.

Erin got something new for her, a French Dip with au jus. I tried some of the roast beef and au jus, not bad, very lean. She got mac and cheese for her side, and enjoyed it.

I got something called The Big Nasty. I is essentially an open-faced roast beef sandwich, with melted cheddar, and McAlister’s “Come Back” gravy. I don’t know about that stuff, it might be that is comes back to haunt you later. The sandwich was really, really peppery with black pepper. That’s why I compared my roast beef to Erin’s French Dip: same meat, different flavor. I didn’t finish my lunch partly because it was HUGE and party because of how strongly peppered the thing was. I have to believe that it was the gravy. My side was a cup of chili con carne – it was OK, zero heat to it at all. The flavor was OK, and it had no beans in it.

We all had a cookie or a brownie, and they were good. My peanut butter cookie was very doughy and positively oozed PB.

We left about 1300, stuffed to the gills (which we were trying to avoid, as we are having dinner at an upscale restaurant this evening). Our tab was $47.62, great value considering how frigging much chow we got. The place stayed about 1/4 – 1/3 full while we where there.

I think it was a good meal – even given the highly peppered nature of my Big Nasty.

Almost forgot – the cups that McAlister’s uses are #1 recyclable. Most places use #5 which we can’t recycle here, but a couple, to include Panera Bread, use #1s, and that’s another good reason to eat there.

Frateli’s Italian Restaurant, Shawnee, OK

24 June 2010

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I picked this place more or less at random this evening. We were heading out to Seminole and needed dinner. This place had good reviews.

We got there around 1915, and left around 2000. The place was pretty much empty the whole time.

We started with Caesar salads. They were good, but dressing was a little tart. The tea I got was really good, in a big glass, and kept refilled.

Raegan ordered seafood risotto. It was kind of spicier than she had anticipated, but most of the spice was in the rice, not the seafood. It was good, she said.

I ordered fettuccine and chicken alfredo. It was pretty good. The alfredo was good, and there was a LOT of chicken diced up. I also ordered a childs plate of spaghetti with meat sauce. I thought that the meat sauce was a little skimpy for the amount of noodles, but I also thought that the sauce was way too sweat, and didn’t taste terribly meaty.

Overall, this was a decent meal. I would ask for the chicken in the fettuccine alfredo to be sauteed instead of grilled. Our check was $32.44.

Van’s Pig Stand

20 June 2009

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We picked Erin up from St. Crispin’s camp outside of Seminole today, and joined an old friend and her kids for dinner at Van’s. We ate at the location in Shawnee, OK, on Harrison.

This is the fifth or sixth time we’ve been to this location. We have also eaten at the location in south Shawnee, and I’ve been to the one in Moore. All were good, but the Harrison location is best, I think.

I got a two-meat with ribs and chicken. The ribs were good, but seemed a bit dry and were fairly tender. The chicken was very tasty, although also a bit dry. The green beans were excellent, and the baked beans were also.

Raegan got a two-meat with turkey and pork. She also got a some pecan pie, so I got about half of hers. I really liked both the pork and turkey, although again, the turkey was a bit dry.

Ian got the rib dinner and liked it, and Erin got the turkey dinner and liked it also. The total tab for the four of us was right at $50.

I wonder if we had the last of the meat, since we got there around 1300. Maybe the stuff had been sitting in the warmer for a while and got a bit dry. I’ve always had good meat there before.

The iced tea was great as always.

We ate a lot of meals at the location in south Shawnee, but the quality was variable. A couple years ago, we tried the Harrison location, and aside from today, the quality has always been good (it wasn’t bad today, it should be noted, just things were a bit dry).