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Texas Roadhouse, San Antonio, TX

21 August 2016

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We had dinner here evening before last with Ian in the San Antonio Food Tour. 🙂

We had called ahead for seating, and when we got to the restaurant at 1730, it was packed, with a long waiting line. Fortunately, we only waited five minutes since we had called ahead.

Ian and I had steak, both of us had ribeyes. Both steaks were cooked perfectly to order (medium and medium rare), and were very good cuts. Mine had no spots that were not tender.

Raegan had a grilled shrimp dinner.

Nothing was left of any of these meals. Service was very good, we never ran out of iced tea. Our check was $60.56. Good food.

The Lighthouse, Solomons Island, MD

9 August 2016

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I had dinner here this evening with a group of work friends. It was pretty darn good.

The rest of the table had seafood of one form or another, including oysters, soups, and other stuff. I had a New York Strip, 14 oz and a perfect medium. The steak was very tender and had better than average flavor. I had a baked potato with cheese, butter, and lots of bacon, and applesauce. The baker was very good, but the applesauce had a not-entirely-pleasant sharp aftertaste. I ate all of it, regardless.

They have very good iced tea. Service was just right for allowing us to sit and talk, not rushed, and very friendly. My check was $41.35, which was not bad for a steak of that quality. The rest of the crew reported their food as excellent.

Texas Roadhouse, Council Bluffs, IA

19 May 2014

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I went here for dinner this evening with my friends Clark and Brad. I had had a steak for lunch, so decided on something different. I got the pulled pork. It wasn’t very good. It was tough and didn’t have much flavor. The fries and corn were OK.

Both Clark (a bacon burger) and Brad (a medium well sirloin) reported their meals as overcooked.

Service, OTOH, was outstanding, as was the iced tea. My check was $13.25. I am of mixed feelings about this location. The two in OKC are consistently good. Maybe this one was having an off night; it was pretty busy.

Texas Roadhouse, Oklahoma City, OK (Memorial)

28 October 2013

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Raegan and I had dinner at this location 09 October. I got a ribeye and she got salmon. She reported the salmon was excellent. My ribeye was pretty good, but it was somewhat undercooked when it arrived at the table. I worked on my baked potato and let the steak rest and cook some more, and it ended up right at medium, and was very tasty.

Service was very attentive and friendly. Our check was $40.91. Not bad. I would not mind going back.

Bent River Cattle Co, Moore, OK

30 April 2013

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Last evening, Raegan and the kids and I were at her parents house doing some yardwork. We were hungry afterward, and I had seen Bent River coming back from Dallas Friday, so we decided to try it.

I started off with some beef and mushroom soup. EXCELLENT! That was a rich, thick soup, and the chunks of steak and mushroom were perfectly balanced. Raegan ended up getting a bowl of that soup for dinner. Ian got a caesar salad that was pretty good. Erin got a plate of fettuccine al fredo; she didn’t eat much of it, but I tried it and it was good. I got a ribeye and baked potato. First, the potato. It was undercooked; it needed another 20 or more minutes. I had asked for just butter, but it came with butter and sour cream (that’s easily fixed, of course, but it shows a lack of attention to detail). The steak was very good. It was cooked medium just as ordered. It had a bit more black pepper than I usually like on a steak, but not excessive.

We finished with two desserts, a chocolate mudslide, and a peach cobbler, both with ice cream. The cobbler could have been a bit more evenly heated up, but it was good. The mudslide was HUGE; we couldn’t finish it.

The iced tea was great, and kept refilled. Service was attentive. Our check was $67.66, not unreasonable.

The hostess told me on the way out that the restaurant has only been open for a couple weeks. I hope it hangs around.

Balla’s Steakhouse, Largo, FL

26 October 2011

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I have run by this place many times over the past couple years, as it is right up the road from my hotel. It’s a fairly casual place, and I hit it for dinner this evening. Great experience!

First, I was there on Karaoke Tuesday! The singers were enthusiastic, and were actually not dreadful.

The meal started with a soup course; I chose chili, and it was really good; I was surprised. The chili had some beans, but not too much, and some very few cut-up jalapenos in it, and it had just the right amount of heat to it. There was also a loaf of semi-rough white bread, with some EEVO and garlic. Good start.

I got a ribeye, it was great! About 95% fork tender, good presentation, and lots of flavor. Great steak. It came with rice pilaf, and with some steamed mixed veg (mainly carrots and squash), all good. There was not a scrap left on the plate. I got some iced tea with it, good stuff also.

Service was decent. My check was $21.35, which I think was very good value. I will gladly eat here again. They also have some Italian entrees on the menu.

Rick’s Chophouse, McKinney, TX

18 August 2011

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Last week, a group of friends and I went up to McKinney after work. We were looking for a winery outlet/restaurant, but the place turned out to not serve food. Rick’s was a couple doors down, and we checked it out. We got there around 1930 and were seated immediately; the restaurant was about 80% full.

Service was spotty, let me say up front, but it was just our server apparently.

I got some onion rings for the group as an appetizer. Wonderful! Large, sweet, perfectly breaded, and very tasty. They were served with some excellent (really excellent) buttermilk ranch dressing.

I took a close look at two meals: a ribeye chicken fried steak (!), and the fried chicken. I asked the server, and she reported that the chicken was a whole chicken. Holy crap, I thought. Lois told me that she wanted the chicken also, but that was a bit much, so we split it. Turns out it was a four-piece, which is really a half chicken, so the server was slightly wrong.

The meal came without any fussing with each plate having two pieces, mashers, veg, and gravy. That was some excellent chicken. The breading was light, and stayed with the chicken. I think it was deep-fried floating. Excellent taste, perfectly cooked. The gravy that came with the chicken was some of the best I have had at a restaurant. It went perfectly with the chicken, and the skin-on mashed red potatoes. The one thing I didn’t like – the veg tasted funny, and had bell peppers in it.

The tea was good, but I had a time keeping it filled.

Ron got the ribeye CFS; I bummed a bite from him. It was good, but not great. The steak was hammered flat, and was a bit overcooked. Still had steak flavor, though.

Chuck got salmon, and said it was really good.

The check for the dinner Lois and I split was $29.23. Kind of high for chicken, but it was for two, and that includes the $5 appetizer. So… it’s a chophouse. That description adds 25% to the cost. But it was pretty darn good. The quality of the meal (except for Rons overcooked RCFS) was very good. I would go here again, but not frequently.

Texas Land and Cattle Company, Dallas, TX

27 July 2011

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This is a chainlet in the DFW Metroplex. I think I ate in one 10 or more years ago, and can’t remember if I liked it or not. But it smelled really good when I drove by a couple days ago, so I decided to give it a try.

I went very basic. Iced tea, large ribeye, side of sauteed onions and mushrooms, and soup.

The tea was good, and my server brought a large carafe to the table – I like that!

The soup was excellent – steak soup, basically small chunks of steak that made up a stew. The broth was really, really good, and the carrots and potatoes were perfect. The meal came with a loaf of decent bread also.

The onions and mushrooms were well sauteed and had good flavor. There were pepper-sized pieces of garlic on the mushrooms; probably close to too much, as the garlic overwhelmed the taste of the shrooms. I ate all of it, though.

The steak was wonderful. A perfect medium, not charred in the slightest, one very small piece of gristle. There was a little pepper on the steak. It was not fork tender, but it was large, it was close to fork tender, and it had tremendous beef flavor. An excellent steak.

I got there around 1815, and left shortly after 1900. The place was about 50% full when I got there, and 75% full when I left. Service was excellent. My check was $20.49.

Claim Jumper, Monrovia, CA

11 June 2011

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I have eaten at two of these chainlet restaurants, both in California. The first time was in 2004; Raegan and the kids and I were driving between LA and Monterrey, CA, and we had dinner at a Claim Jumper in Santa Clarita, CA, mainly because it was close to I-5. I seem to remember liking that restaurant, and so a year or so later, I ate at one in Brea, CA. The experience in Brea was not good, and I have since passed up a couple opportunities to eat at a Claim Jumper again.

Thursday evening, after a wonderful hike nearby, I decided to try the Claim Jumper in Monrovia, as I wanted STEAK. I’m glad I did, this was a perfect restaurant experience.

I got there around 2015. There were a number of groups waiting to be seated, but my wait was less than five minutes. My server was at the table in less than a minute.

I’ll just go through what I ordered: iced tea, excellent. Bread choice was a blueberry muffin; rough texture, nice crust, sweet butter, and HOT, perfect. Ribeye steak; medium, juicy, fork tender, wonderful flavor, cooked medium just as I think medium ought to be, perfect (this was the best steak I have had in months). First side of roasted vegetables; onions, potatoes, carrots, squash, zucchini, some other stuff; perfect. The veg deserves some more commentary. Most roast veg is burned or soggy. This stuff had all of its texture, and the roast flavor was just something to marvel at. I wish I could do that at home. Second side of mac and cheese, very good, but could have been warmer.

I left at about 2130, and made the long drive back to my hotel at LAX. My check was $33.78. That’s probably a bit more expensive than I would normally pay for a steak dinner, with no appetizer, no soup or salad, and no dessert. But for what I have to say was a perfect meal, perfect service, just the right amount of filling, I think it was great value. I will put Claim Jumper back on my approved list, in the event I run across one again. Damn, I liked those roasted vegetables!

Montana Mike’s, Emporia, KS

4 April 2011

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I’ve wanted to try Montana Mike’s for several years, and the timing was never right (hungry, around lunch or dinner, and near one of the locations). This evening, all three conditions were met! I went to the location in Emporia; it’s in a former Cracker Barrel building.

I got there around 1845, and left around 1740. The place wasn’t even 25% full.

Not a good start. I ordered iced tea, but it had the distinct flavor of coffee. I switched to DP; it was pretty good.

I ordered a large (“Mile High”) ribeye, medium. That’s exactly how it came. The steak was obviously fire-grilled; there were a couple char marks on the edges, but not too bad. The steak was great, decent flavor, and pretty tender. On a 1-to-10, give it a 9. For my single side, I got sauteed sliced mushrooms, and they were a great addition to the steak. It came with a large roll and butter, also good.

The meal came with a small garden salad. I got ranch, and some extra on the side, and it was really good.

Service was perfect. The check was $19.89. I’d eat at Montana Mike’s again any time.

Richard’s, Fresno, CA

25 August 2010

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Last Thursday, I headed back in to meet my buddy James for dinner in Fresno after spending the day hiking in King’s Canyon National Park. He suggested Richard’s. We got there about 1915.

The meal started with iced tea that was good and kept refilled. The salad was good, and the ranch dressing was excellent. The meal also comes with a shrimp cocktail appetizer; I didn’t like it very much as the shrimp was really fishy tasting.

I ordered a ribeye (this must have been by reflex, since I wanted a t-bone!). The steak came with some sauteed mushrooms that were very good, and that steak was cooked a perfect medium. It was fork tender, and had great flavor. Not a scrap was left. The steak also came with a baked potato which was a bit small, but the steak made up for it.

We left about 2045. My check was $27.35.