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Longhorn Steakhouse, Tampa, FL (Westshore)

8 September 2016

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So I am in Florida this week on business, and I had a couple really good meals.

I’m starting with Longhorn. I can count on Longhorn for a decent steak when I don’t want to take a chance. It was even so here.

I had my standby ribeye. It came a perfect medium, and was very tender and flavorful. I had most of a baker with bacon, cheese, and butter. The soup was a bit of a disappointment. I always get the baked potato, but I received some chowder. The correct soup came right before the steak, and the flavor was off. Didn’t really matter, the steak made up for it.

Service was OK. The iced tea was GREAT as always. My check was $23.32. Reliable.

Freddie’s, Sapulpa, OK

3 March 2013

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Friday, as Erin and I were returning from Muskogee, I decided to try Freddie’s, which I have heard is very good. I called ahead from the Muskogee Turnpike; they do not take reservations, but have a call ahead list. I told them we would be there at 1830, we got there at 1825, and still waited about 30 minutes for a table, so I don’t know what good the call ahead is.

Regardless, after we were seated we were visited promptly. We had our order ready, but the server didn’t want to take it, but just drinks only.

Being that Freddie’s is a Lebanese steakhouse, we got some appetizers that are pretty substantial: some BBQ ribs (not bad at all), some BBQ balogna (OK, but I’m not a big balogna fan), some tabouli and hummus (tried, still don’t like either), and a beef cabbage roll (very good). The BBQ sauce that the ribs and balogna were drenched in was a sweet hickory sauce that I thought was pretty good (I dipped a piece of my steak in it later, and liked the combination). A fairly standard green salad also, with ranch that was very good.

Our entrees took a while to arrive, but the place was packed. Erin got a chicken fried steak and liked it. I tried it, and while I don’t think it was hand breaded there, it wasn’t too bad, about an 8 out of 10. The gravy was pretty good, as where the green beans (with onion and bacon).

I got a ribeye. I ordered it medium, but it came medium rare. I let it sit while I dressed my baked potato, and it finished cooking to a nice just-below-medium. The steak had a couple small places where there was some charring, but not noticable in the taste. The steak was pretty darn good, not fork-tender but very close, and with great flavor. The steak had been cooked in (or drenched in post-grill) a black sauce that was like a weak Worshtishire. It didn’t have a lot of flavor, just a bit. The steak has a couple pieces of tough gristle, but otherwise was devoured. The steak came with a decent-sized baker that I loaded with some butter.

Speaking of butter… the meal came with some butter. On a dish, put there with an ice cream scoop. No kidding, it was a huge amount of butter, it had to be at least a stick of the stuff. Sweet butter, too.

The iced tea was good, but served in tiny little glasses. I asked our tea server to fill up one of the other glasses on the table (we were seated at a four-place), and he did, so he saved himself some walking time. Service was very good, until the time came to get the check, our server would disappear for a bit, then not look our direction several times. He finally came to clear some dishes, I tried to hand him my card, but he said no and went off to get the check first. Very process-oriented, I guess.

So this was a pretty good dinner. Our check was $39.40. I have to make the comparison to Jamil’s. The steaks there tend to be larger, and more tender (I haven’t been to the relocated location). But Freddie’s isn’t bad at all.

What this really says is that I need to go to Jamil’s again, just to compare. 🙂

Codys Original Roadhouse, Belleair Bluffs, FL

12 July 2012

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I have wanted to try Cody’s but timing has not worked out to date. This evening, it did. I went to the location just west of where I was staying in Largo. I got there around 1830, and left around 2000. There were a lot of people waiting. Turns out that Wednesday is 2-for-1 fajita day.

The meal started with a basket of rolls and some cinnamon butter. Great stuff!

I ordered an appetizer of BBQ wings, but those could have been a meal for one themselves. The wings were large, with a lot of meat, and a very good BBQ sauce.

My main course was rotisserie chicken. The half chicken had a very nice smoky flavor. Most of it was moist and tasty, but there were a couple places that the chicken was a bit dry. Overall, very good. The chicken came with a baked potato that could have used just a bit more time baking.

Iced tea was great. Service was outstanding, in spite of how crowded the place was. My check was $22.23. I’d go back anytime.

Texas T Bone, Colorado Springs, CO

29 September 2011

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I got to the restaurant about 1900 after a hard and fun hike in the mountains. I left around 2030.

First of all, the place has good wifi! I logged in and caught up on email that had come in while I was up looking for bears.

I got a t-bone (appropriate). The meal started with a very good warm loaflet of wheat bread (wheat, yea!), and some cinnamon butter, very good. I got some potato soup that was very good, with lots of potato, bacon, and smoky flavor.

The steak got there pretty much medium like I asked, and pretty quickly. While I was only halfway done with the soup (grrr, a little bit). The steak was a thin-cut, and had quite a bit of gristle that had to be cut off it. It wasn’t burned, though, so that was good. It had decent flavor as well. You get a side, and I asked for sauteed mushrooms and onions, which were pretty good.

So the meal was pretty good, and I got work caught up. Service was SUPER nice, my server was a bundle of energy. My check was $27.32.

You have to compare where appropriate. I had eaten at the southside restaurant with two friends back in Jan or Feb, and the steak there was better. It could be the cook (they have to have the same beef source, I would think). So the next time, I might have to eat at both on successive nights…

Pappas Ranch, Clearwater, FL

14 September 2011

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I had been on a nice hike yesterday afternoon, and so needed some calories. I decided to cruise down US19, and saw Pappas as I drove by, and decided to try it. It’s on Gulf-To-Bay Road.

I got there around 1845, the place was about 1/3 full.

I ordered a ribeye. It came just a little less cooked than the medium I asked for, so I let it rest a bit, and it eventually came up to almost medium. The steak was pretty darn good, very tender (fork tender for a lot of it), and had really good flavor. I was happy that there wasn’t any charring on it anywhere. Not a bit of the steak was left. It had a couple onion straws on top of it, and they were good also.

The steak came with a side, and I got “Kick-Ass Beans”. I didn’t like them. They were baked beans, but were thick with jalapenos, and so not to my taste.

The iced tea was OK. Service was spotty. My check was $25.96, and the steak was pretty darned good, so decent value.

Texas Land and Cattle Company, Dallas, TX

27 July 2011

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This is a chainlet in the DFW Metroplex. I think I ate in one 10 or more years ago, and can’t remember if I liked it or not. But it smelled really good when I drove by a couple days ago, so I decided to give it a try.

I went very basic. Iced tea, large ribeye, side of sauteed onions and mushrooms, and soup.

The tea was good, and my server brought a large carafe to the table – I like that!

The soup was excellent – steak soup, basically small chunks of steak that made up a stew. The broth was really, really good, and the carrots and potatoes were perfect. The meal came with a loaf of decent bread also.

The onions and mushrooms were well sauteed and had good flavor. There were pepper-sized pieces of garlic on the mushrooms; probably close to too much, as the garlic overwhelmed the taste of the shrooms. I ate all of it, though.

The steak was wonderful. A perfect medium, not charred in the slightest, one very small piece of gristle. There was a little pepper on the steak. It was not fork tender, but it was large, it was close to fork tender, and it had tremendous beef flavor. An excellent steak.

I got there around 1815, and left shortly after 1900. The place was about 50% full when I got there, and 75% full when I left. Service was excellent. My check was $20.49.

Claim Jumper, Monrovia, CA

11 June 2011

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I have eaten at two of these chainlet restaurants, both in California. The first time was in 2004; Raegan and the kids and I were driving between LA and Monterrey, CA, and we had dinner at a Claim Jumper in Santa Clarita, CA, mainly because it was close to I-5. I seem to remember liking that restaurant, and so a year or so later, I ate at one in Brea, CA. The experience in Brea was not good, and I have since passed up a couple opportunities to eat at a Claim Jumper again.

Thursday evening, after a wonderful hike nearby, I decided to try the Claim Jumper in Monrovia, as I wanted STEAK. I’m glad I did, this was a perfect restaurant experience.

I got there around 2015. There were a number of groups waiting to be seated, but my wait was less than five minutes. My server was at the table in less than a minute.

I’ll just go through what I ordered: iced tea, excellent. Bread choice was a blueberry muffin; rough texture, nice crust, sweet butter, and HOT, perfect. Ribeye steak; medium, juicy, fork tender, wonderful flavor, cooked medium just as I think medium ought to be, perfect (this was the best steak I have had in months). First side of roasted vegetables; onions, potatoes, carrots, squash, zucchini, some other stuff; perfect. The veg deserves some more commentary. Most roast veg is burned or soggy. This stuff had all of its texture, and the roast flavor was just something to marvel at. I wish I could do that at home. Second side of mac and cheese, very good, but could have been warmer.

I left at about 2130, and made the long drive back to my hotel at LAX. My check was $33.78. That’s probably a bit more expensive than I would normally pay for a steak dinner, with no appetizer, no soup or salad, and no dessert. But for what I have to say was a perfect meal, perfect service, just the right amount of filling, I think it was great value. I will put Claim Jumper back on my approved list, in the event I run across one again. Damn, I liked those roasted vegetables!