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Shortcakes Diner, Stillwater, OK

8 March 2016

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In this episode of Blog Catch-Up, we go to Stillwater. Last October, we had dinner at Shortcakes while visiting Stillwater.

All of us got breakfast of one kind or another except Ian, who had CFS. I had a bite of it, and it was pretty good. I had a Country Breakfast, which was eggs, bacon, hash browns, and pancakes. All excellent. Raegan had eggs and bacon.

All in all, a good breakfast. Our meal for four was $52.15. Service was fast. I would go back any time.

Nikki’s Greek, Stillwater, OK

4 June 2014

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We had dinner here this evening while visiting Ian in Stillwater. It was not the best experience. As we left, I commented that it wasn’t a bad meal, but it wasn’t good either.

Ian and I got gyros plates. I thought the meat was way on the dry side. The ranch dressing for the salad was not very good. Raegan and Erin got chicken dishes; both were dry and not overly flavorful.

Service was friendly. The iced tea was pretty good. Our check was $31.17.

Palomino’s, Stillwater, OK

12 May 2014

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This evening, we needed to head up to Stillwater to help Ian move from one room to another in his Village. We tried Texas Roadhouse for dinner, but it was packed (Mother’s Day, probably). We saw that Palimino’s wasn’t very crowded, so we headed there.

It was pretty good. I loved the salsa! It was on the thick side, and had that smoky flavor I really like. We got a bowl of queso, and it was pretty good also.

I got carne asada, and loved it. The beef was fork tender, and had just enough bite from spice. Erin got nachos, and didn’t eat much as she wasn’t hungry. Ian got a beef enchilada burrito and had every bit of it. Raegan had the 5 cheese chimi, and it was enough that she couldn’t finish it.

The iced tea was excellent and service was great. This was a good choice for Mexican in Stillwater. Our check was $50.70.

Freddie Paul’s Steakhouse, Stillwater, OK

3 May 2014

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Last Saturday, we went to Stillwater to take Ian to dinner for his 19th. We suggested Freddie Paul’s, and he agreed. It was a mixed bag.

Ian and I got ribeyes; me a larger steak. The steaks were thick. My medium steak came rare. I sent it back, and asked quite stridently that it NOT be bricked or hurried or sped up. They did as I asked, it took about 10 min, but the steak came back just less than a perfect medium, and no extra charring. Both of the steaks were completely consumed, and both were excellent.

Raegan got shrimp scampi and liked it. Erin got a bacon cheeseburger and ate most of it (it was huge). I got a bite, and the beef was very good, with texture.

Raegan also ordered a half rack of spare ribs for us. I was not impressed with those.

They have a decent salad bar that a couple of us got. Sides like baked potatoes were good.

Service was great!

Our check was $126.88. I little more than we normally do for dinner. Here’s a breakdown: the half rack of ribs was $10. The big dogs were the two ribeyes at $37 and $33. I’ve been going back and forth on the value of this meal. On the one hand, that was a tasty steak, and it was BIG; prob 1.5 in thick and a significant fraction of the plate. On the other hand, the steak was larger, but no less tasty, than the $20 steak I got from Longhorn last Monday evening in Council Bluffs. In my final analysis, the Freddie’s steak is somewhat overpriced.

If we find ourselves in Stillwater again, and on the lookout for a celebratory meal, I will certainly consider Freddie’s. I don’t know that it’s a good choice for regular dining, unless you are in a cheeseburger mood, or something like CFS.

Bad Brad’s BBQ, Stillwater, OK

30 March 2014

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We ate dinner at Bad Brad’s at least 10 years ago, when we met my Mom and Grandmother at Stillwater for the day. We liked it, but hadn’t been back until today.

We started off with some cheese fries, “dirty”, or with brisket chopped up over them. That was probably the best loaded fries I have had. The fries were thick cut and had amazing flavor (Ian said that they were the same fries used at Eskimo Joe’s). Some I ate straight, some I dipped in BBQ sauce, and some in ranch dressing. YUM. YUM. YUM. We also got cornbread and beans. The cornbread was OK (it was huge piece, and a little dry), and the pinto beans were pretty darn good.

We each got a two-meat special, except me, I got three. We had the following:

Sliced brisket: Tender, but it had an odd aftertaste that I flat didn’t like. After the third piece, the aftertaste was strong and unpleasant enough that I actually spit it out.

Ribs: Pretty good. About an 8 on a scale of 1 to JTs.

Smoked chicken: Good flavor, but on the dry side.

Turkey: Outstanding.

Pork roast: Really, really good.

The green beans were pretty good, as were the baked beans. Raegan got okra and corn on the cob, both of which she liked.

The iced tea was pretty good, and service was decent. When we got there at 1715, the place was almost empty, but it quickly filled up and was very busy. Our check for four, with the two large appetizers, was $79.29, which I don’t think is too bad for all the food we got.

The Smokey Pokey, Stillwater, OK

3 February 2014

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We were headed home from Stillwater back on MLK day, and we stopped at the Cowboy Travel Plaza to get some ribs from the Pokey. I didn’t even know the place had a name different than the Travel Plaza, and that’s what’s printed on the receipt.

I got a half slab of ribs and some sauce. We went home. The next day, I took the foil-wrapped ribs, put just a little water in the package, and popped it in the over at 150F for about two hours. I made some iced tea, and some mac and cheese, and sat down to lunch.

Those were some excellent ribs! They had a bit of a rub on them, hardly noticeable, but they had an excellent crust, a lot of meat, and they were tender and smokey. I ate about half of them, and had the rest for lunch the next day. Still great!

So that place has potential. Ribs are the hardest thing to get right. I already look forward to hitting the Pokey again. My check for the half slab was $12.01. Pretty good value, I think.

Brooklyn’s, Stillwater, OK

2 February 2014

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A couple weeks ago, on MLK Day, we headed up to Stillwater to visit Ian at OSU. He suggested Brooklyn’s for lunch. It was a mixed bag.

Erin got the baked mac and cheese, but only ate about half of it (she wasn’t hungry, she said). Raegan got a chicken caesar salad. It was one of the special ones that Never Seem To Get Smaller As You Eat. It was pretty good. Ian got a CFS; I thought it was pretty good. I got a Brooklyn Bridge Burger, which is two cheeseburger patties served open faced, with some cheese sauce on top. I asked for the cheese sauce on the side; I’m glad I did, it was not good at all (note to restaurant: how about just using CHEESE?).

All of this was… ok. Not OK, or OK!, or great. The iced tea was nice. Service was OK. The check was $55.46. It was very expensive for OK food. Dinner prices for lunch. I would be hard pressed to come back.

Hideaway Pizza, Stillwater, OK

12 August 2013

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Got to have late lunch at the original Hideaway yesterday after getting Ian moved into his new abode, Village D at OSU!

We got some cheese sticks and garlic cheese bread to start. Both good stuff. The marinara was excellent, but I was less impressed with the ranch dressing; it was the stuff that is thick and has big spots of dark stuff in it.

We got two medium pizzas; Erin canadian bacon; Ian, sausage; Raegan, sausage, mushroom, and green olives; me, sausage, canadian bacon, pepperoni, and hamburger.

In both cases, the pizzas were pretty good, but the crusts were undercooked and doughy, and the cheese wasn’t completely melted. Now, it was very busy, and it took a while for us to get our pies, so they might have been rushing in the kitchen.

Service was pretty darn good, and the iced tea was very good on the hot day. Our check was $59.15. I’m looking forward to hitting the original Hideaway more often.

El Vaquero, Stillwater, OK

25 June 2013

El Vaquero on Urbanspoon

El Vaquero is the building that used to be Bobo’s in Stillwater. We had dinner here this evening after a day or orientation activities on the campus.

The meal started with some very good salsa and an excellent white queso. The chips were pretty good also.

Ian got three soft tacos with ground beef, and one hard taco; Erin got the three soft tacos. Every bite was consumed. Raegan got a chicken chimi. She said it was very good. I got carne asada. I enjoyed it; the beef was tender and had great flavor, and the potatoes were just the right amount of spicy.

Service was right on the money. Our check was $53.41. We are looking forward to going back at some point.

Johnny Rockets, OSU Student Union, Stillwater, OK

15 June 2013

Johnny Rockets on Urbanspoon

Ian and I had lunch here today. Now, I’ve eaten at Johnny Rockets locations in several states, and have been uniformly satisfied. This one was disappointing.

Ian and I both had double cheeseburgers; mine had bacon. Both had fries. He had a chocolate shake and I had tea. My burger had OK beef, but it did not have the beef flavor I would have expected; it was bland. The beef was not cooked long enough; it was medium well, but had no crust or texture. The rest of the meal was OK.

Service was pretty good. Our check was $23.90. I likely will not be back.

One thing that chains bring is consistently. If you like the food, you have a certain degree of assurance that the meal will be consistent. That was not the case here. I have been to Rockets locations in CA, WA, NV, and other places, and been highly satisfied. This location in Stillwater needs to get with the program for the rest of the chain.

Granny’s Kitchen, Stillwater, OK

12 February 2013

Granny's Kitchen on Urbanspoon

Allow me a bit of going back in time. I love Stillwater. I loved Granny’s Kitchen when I was in Stillwater in the early 80s. There was a time when I would have both breakfast and dinner there. The food was outstanding, and the prices right for college kids. In some ways, the CFS I had at Granny’s back then is still part of the standards by which I judge them now.

So when I was looking for food on Urbanspoon a couple weeks ago, and saw the Granny’s logo I remembered, I knew I had to give it a try. It’s in the same building, but around the corner, even! Yesterday, we had a block of time in the early afternoon, so we headed to Stillwater. We got there around 1400.

We started out with two cinnamon rolls, and chili cheese fries (odd, I know). The rolls were excellent, thick and tender, perfectly seasoned. We all liked the fries as well.

Raegan got a double BLT and enjoyed it. Erin got a ham and cheese and cheese, and cheese, omelet; she enjoyed it and couldn’t finish it. Ian got the “Pig Biscuit”, which was biscuits and gravy and bacon, and bacon (really!). He likened it to the Hot Mess we got at a place in Bozeman, and it was great! I got the CFS, which came with mashers (red skin-ons), green beans, and very good sausage gravy. I seem to remember the menu said it was hand-breaded, but it looked way too regular. Regardless, it was a pretty darn good CFS. I loved the gravy, great stuff. The green beans were good, as were the mashers.

The iced tea was excellent, and the servive was outstanding. Our check was $50.21. We got a heck of a lot of food for that money, so it was good value. We drove up there from OKC specifically to eat. Would I do that again? Probably not. But I sure would eat there again if I was in Stillwater for some other reason.

Baja Fresh Mexican Grill, OSU Student Union, Stillwater, OK

2 September 2012

Baja Fresh Mexican Grill on Urbanspoon

Last Saturday, we went with Ian on a tour of the OSU campus. Afterward, we wanted to eat lunch in the Union. Unfortunately, only two places were open. Ian ate at the Johnny Rockets, and Raegan and I chose Baja Fresh.

This was good! I like similar places like Chipotle and Q’doba, but Baja Fresh was superior. Raegan got chicken quesadillas. She liked it, I tried it and liked it also. I tried to get a burrito bowl, but the check says I got a chicken ensalada (salad). I looked at the menu listing online, and I think I got a sort of amalgam of the two. Regardless, it was excellent!

They didn’t have tea, but the Coke wasn’t bad. Our check was $20.35.

A side note or two. We ate in the atrium, which was an outside courtyard when I was in school. I have many fond memories of that courtyard, and the Union, and the friends I spent so much time with, and either lost or have drifted away from, so it was both new and sad. The Union is recently significantly remodeled. This is the second remodel of the food area. The first was around 1991, and involved taking out the OSU-unique food (where I first had a Philly-like cheesesteak, and Raegan grew to love the Cowboy Burrito), and replacing it with things like Burger King. I didn’t approve, and neither did Raegan. This remodel is aesthetically very nice, but it still is mainly chain stuff, but at least it’s restaurants we are not otherwise overrun with.

I will look for a Baja Fresh location and try it again. I hope it will be as good.

Mexico Joe’s, Stillwater, OK

16 November 2011

Mexico Joe's on Urbanspoon

Raegan had her Girl Scouts at Camp Stapley two weekends ago, and Ian and I met them that Friday evening for dinner at MJs. We had previously eaten at MJs a couple years ago, but we get to Stillwater (a city we both dearly love, and where we met) rarely.

Ian and I arrived in the area first, since the Scouts were busy setting up camp. We walked around the campus, and I showed him various places that I had classes in. The Student Union is undergoing a significant makeover (and had a Johnny Rockets operating that smelled WONDERFUL!).

We got to Mexico Joe’s around 1800 and had about a 20 minute wait (we needed a table for nine, it was a Friday evening, OSU was in session, and the day before a football Saturday).

The tea (and other drinks) arrived in plastic logo cups. A couple notes about them: they are SMALL (too small for this major-league tea drinker), but they change color with temperature, which is kind of neat.

I’m going to focus on what I got, which was the MJ Enchiladas. You have a choice of two or three (I recommend three for me). They were good, and covered with chili con carne. The beans were really good, and the rice typical.

The salsa on the table for everyone is smooth and really hot! I liked it, and had two bowlets just for me. That salsa had really good flavor. A couple of the Scouts though it was too hot.

Service was really good in spite of the fact that it was so blasted crowded. The check for our family of four was $42.65, not a bad value at all. MJs is good stuff.

Back to Stillwater For the Evening

20 September 2010

This afternoon Raegan and the kids and I drove up to Stillwater to check out a Girl Scout camp that we will be taking our Troop to in a couple weeks. We also drove around town, especially the campus, and had dinner at Mexico Joe’s, one of the restaurants in the Eskimo Joe’s mini-empire.

The last time we were in Stillwater was two years ago over Labor Day weekend, to celebrate our 20th anniversary. Raegan and I met in Stillwater, so that seemed appropriate.

There were a lot of changes in work back then. The changes are still in work all over town, and there are many that are completed.

I was astounded at the removal of the Willham dorms. I had a number of adventures in those dorms, on both sides (like going up on the roof of the North dorm with my friend Cheryl to see if we could see a tornado that was bearing down on the area; her boyfriend, my friend Grayson, was not amused). The Wilham dorms are replaced by a large number of student apartments. There are even more of them now than there were two years ago.

The campus area that borders Washington Street used to have a number of bushes and trees that blocked the view, but they are gone now. The Union is undergoing renovations, and there are a large number of new buildings on the north side of the campus.

Surprisingly, there are still a lot of the Married Student Housing buildings still in place, but a number of new apartments are encroaching from the east.

OSU used to have a lot of Quonset hut type buildings, but I don’t remember seeing any of them. Vet Med has expanded to the east to a new building. There is a huge athletic facility north of Hall Of Fame across from what used to be the Colvin Center. And all of the apartments and houses that used to be north of the Stadium (along with what I knew as the Commuter Parking Lot) is GONE – flat, it looks like all the way to Boomer or therebouts. I had a lot of friends that lived in that area (Jamie, Stephanie, Ted and Regina). There were Engineering labs there (more Q-huts), and they are gone also.

Stillwater is also changing. The area between Main and Perkins is filled with new buildings: this is the area with the most change that we saw. The city is expanding west – Stillwater Creek was almost the End of the Universe for many years, but now new buildings go all the way past Country Club. We didn’t go north on Boomer, or east on 6th; maybe later.

There was a lot of new work on buildings on campus. One thing that was really, really cool – we were there on a Sunday evening around 1900, and the place was simply crawling with people! They were walking to and from the library, physical sciences, the math and life sciences buildings, everywhere! There was a sense of life there that both Raegan and I remarked on.

We showed the kids the various buildings, and told stories about what we did up there (very judiciously), and talked about campus life, like classes and sections and schedules, and meeting at the library and the Student Union, etc., and campus clubs. We looked at student digs.

It was a good drive up, albeit a bit eye-opening.

Oklahoma State wins in Boone Pickens Stadium

5 September 2009

Well, OSU just scored a win over Georgia in football today. Good job for the Pokes.

Maybe I don’t watch enough football, but one thing horrified me. The ABC sideline reporter reported that several of the Georgia players had had IVs during and after halftime; they had bandages wrapped around their forearms right under the elbow. I presume that they received hydration fluids. Why could the players not stay hydrated enough by drinking water or juice or Gatorade or whatever? It seems a bit extreme to me that players (or coaches?) feel they are not playing to their capability unless they get a vein punctured during the game. That just seems to be too much.

Mr. Pickens donated $165M of his money, and OSU is spending $260M on sports. I have been to OSU numerous times since I graduated, and I have not seen any upgrade in the Engineering or Math or Biology buildings. In fact, the university destroyed many of the dorms, and replaced them with apartments (that every single student we talked to said some variation on “they suck”).

I got, I think, a good education at OSU. I enjoyed my experience greatly, and I have given a bit of money to the university and to a couple of the clubs specifically. But I have been concerned that the students and education have become a second priority. The Kamm Center and all the new new buildings on the north side of the campus, I don’t think are directly for educating students. About 10 years ago, the university spent some money for a consulting group to see what could be improved. The group returned a large number of recommendations, and I seem to recall that the OSU administration decided to implement none. I specifically remember that OSU had 21 (that’s twenty-one) vice presidents, and that about 2/3rds of those should be eliminated.

The only buildings where there is much evidence of change is Whitehurst (which admittedly was not really very user friendly), and as R points out, the Student Union. The Union was a place where I had a lot of really good memories. I spent almost every lunch there, and spent a lot of between-class time there. They used to make a hell of a good cheesesteak there! You could also get cheeseburgers or a hot lunch. I have it on good authority that the Cowboy Burrito was simply outstanding. However, as long ago as 1995, the “OSU unique” eateries were replaced with chain stuff. I remember asking a guy that worked there why this was done, and he said that it was because the university made more money with the chains, even though they made money with the original eateries. They pulled out the bowling alley (which was always packed), the barber shop, etc. I read this as a de-emphasis on the Union being a hub of socialization. Somewhere in the past couple years, they also enclosed the former outdoor patio were we had lunch concerts, and put a lot of the university business offices there.

Stillwater was home to me for the better part of six years. I met my very cute and OSU-loving roommate there also, and spent a LOT of time there between those two events. It was a perfect place to live (to the point that we seriously considered building a house there), but it seems the university is trying to become another institution, and that’s sad for me.

So I’m glad the Cowboys won today, but I also recognize that not a single football game is relevant to the educational mission of the university, and I wish they would try to put money towards the sciences or the library or the arts.