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Sweetwater Tavern, Falls Church, VA

17 October 2009

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I like keeping in touch with friends from high school and college, and people who I no longer work with. I ran across one such friend that I had not been in contact with since around 1986, and it turned out she and her family live in Falls Church. During my last trip to DC, we made arrangements for all of us to get together, and she suggested the Sweetwater Tavern.

It was 6 miles away from where I was staying in Tysons Corner, VA. We were to meet at 1800, so I drove out of my hotel at 1740. I arrived at 1820 (that’s 40 minutes to drive six miles, about 9 miles an hour). You would end up sitting for five minutes, and then drive for a minute.

So I guess after not seeing her for 20+ years, being 20 minutes late isn’t earth-shattering, but it really annoyed me.

The restaurant was really nice. It was a little bit too loud. The service was OK. There were a couple times where we did not see a server for a bit, but the iced tea was kept full, at least.

I got a roast half chicken (apparently popular, it was labeled “until it runs out”). It was excellent. The chicken was tender and moist, and had a great flavor. The chicken came with mashed potatoes (very good) and some corn (not very much, maybe they were running out). All very tasty.

We shared a dessert of chocolate waffle and ice cream – yummy.

The meal was really good, but the best part was the conversation with my friend and her husband, who I had not met before. We had quite a number of mutual interests. They had a pair of cute and bouncy little girls also. They were kind enough to pick up the check, so I owe for the next time, but my chicken was about $10 IIRC. It thought the prices were pretty reasonable, and the portions were not huge, but just about right.

The restaurant was crowded when I got there at 1920, and there were about six people waiting for a table. It was just as full when we left around 2100.