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Taco Bueno, Oklahoma City, OK (Memorial)

21 February 2013

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I had lunch here with Raegan and the kids back on 22 Dec (I just found the receipt). It was pretty good for “fast food”.

I had a Beef BOB, and Raegan had a chicken BOB. Erin had a party burrito. Ian had a couple chicken taco rollups. The BOBs had a generous amount of ground beef and chicken, the rollups just the right amount of chicken, and the burrito was utterly demolished. We also had pintos and cheese and some chips and queso.

Given how late it was (2145) we were served quickly and courteously. They didn’t have tea out in the dining area, but the crew got it for us from the drive through. The check was only $24.36. Good food, fast.

Now These Guys Know About Iced Tea – Taco Bueno

5 February 2010

I had a decent breakfast in San Diego this morning, but nothing else while flying home, and then I went to the St. John’s open house, and helped get everything squared away afterward so school could go on tomorrow. So by the time Ian and I left, I was pretty darn hungry.

I have a fondness for Taco Bueno beef BOBs. I got iced tea with the meal as usual. It was really, really good iced tea. Brewed. Fresh. Yummy. Much better then the tea I had out in California, which ranged from swill to crap.

Then, I read the cup:

Bueno Rule No. 14: We brew fresh tea because anything less would be a slap in the face to our slow-simmered beans.

Now, this is an attitude that I applaud! Keep it up, Taco Bueno! And that beef BOB was pretty darn good also.