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Iced Tea and Restaurants

2 April 2012

This is not my first post about iced tea. Just for the record, I think that iced tea is pretty much the perfect drink for most any meal. I generally drank my tea unsweetened since the 80’s, but recently have been having sweetened tea.

So, if any restaurant managers read this, please take it from a frequent restaurant-goer:

Make iced tea the good way, by brewing it!

  • That means a good brand of tea (not floor sweepings!) in a bag, with very hot (preferably boiling) water, brewed for about 10 minutes. Luzianne is a good example here.
  • Do not brew tea in the same container that coffee was previously brewed in. If you must share containers, clean it out immediately with a weak bleach solution to get the coffee flavor out.
  • It’s that simple.

    I realize that restaurants want to keep costs down as much as possible. I also realize that products like Gold Peak and the various Liptons, and the Nesteas, are probably less expensive.

    But… To take the three examples above, Gold Peak is highly variable, from merely OK to yukky. The Liptons are pretty much all bland. The Nesteas should be pronounced Nasties; they are not good at all. In fact, they are vile.

    So take the higher quality approach and brew it, restaurants. Your customers will appreciate it.