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Ten Pin Grill, USAFA, Colorado Springs, CO

15 June 2014

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Friday afternoon, we left Boy Scout Camp Alexander to take Troop 15 on a tour of the United States Air Force Academy (USAFA). We decided to eat on base, and Rob found the menu for the Ten Pin Grill, which is in the base bowling alley, so off we went.

We showed up with our 30 people at 1300. The manager and staff welcomed us in a most friendly way (30 somewhat dirty-from-a-week-of-camp Scouts showing up might have put off some people!). They quickly worked with us to get the boys a burger or hot dog meal with fries and a drink. The boys played some video games, but mainly just say (in the air conditioning) and talked.

I got a double-meat cheeseburger with chili cheese fries and a Coke (I tried the Gold Peak but it wasn’t very good). That was a fine burger. Good beef, cooked with a nice crust on it, and tasty. I think the bun was whole wheat, a treat, and it was grilled. Some mayo and pickles on the burger. The chili cheese fries were also very good. My check was $9.10

The boys and adults and those burgers and dogs… I don’t think a scrap was left.

The manager and staff were great. We were in and out in 45 minutes. Our Scouts were Courteous as well. If I was on the Academy grounds, I would be glad to get another burger at the Grill.