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T-Mobile and Tethering

3 June 2012

In the past, I’ve tethered my laptop to my Blackberry with a fair amount of success. In particular, I stayed 14 weeks in an Embassy Suites in Dallas (Park Central) last year, and the hotel wifi was so bad, I asked for a room on the north side so I could poach from the Holiday Inn Express on that side. When that didn’t work, I would tether my computer to the phone, and I could get a megabit per second consistently (it was solid 3G).

I haven’t done that for a while, until yesterday. I couldn’t get good wifi where I was, so I tethered. This time, T-Mobile put up an intercept page, and offered to allow me to pay for the privilege.

This sucks. I am paying for a data plan, and it’s unlimited. Whether I am looking at it on my screen, putting it on a SIM and moving it to another machine, or moving it over a USB cable, it’s my data. It’s crappy of T-Mobile to start wanting to soak me for using a built-in capability of my laptop and Blackberry to share my data.

It’s another reason to drop T-Mobile as soon as I can.