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Red Mesa Cantina, St. Petersburg, FL

8 September 2016

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Continuing my current business trip, I had dinner with a group of work friends at Red Mesa. There were 11 of us, and I figured that it would be hours, but I have to say up front that the server was outstanding. I never ran out of iced tea, and stuff got to the table in good time.

That being said, this is not a true Mexican place. It’s more Tex-Mex and stuffy. Regardless, it was good.

I got the table a couple bowls each of refried beans and queso con carne to dip our chips in. The beans needed some salsa added, but the queso was great stuff.

I had a beef burrito, it was filled with shredded barbacoa, cheese, and the like. I gutted it to eat it, and the filling was great stuff, just the right amount of heat, and wonderful flavor.

The iced tea was very good, and kept refilled in spite of the size of our group. Our server, as I mentioned, was very attentive, and we had our orders taken, food dispensed, and checks taken care of very efficiently, and he was a very friendly guy. My check was $47.20, but bear in mind that my meal was actually about $12; the rest of it was the appetizers, and a $6.80 forced gratuity (that I significantly sweeted, I will add, the guy busted his tail). I would go back again. The place was only a couple blocks from my hotel in downtown St. Pete.

Ted’s, Del City, OK

6 January 2015

Ted's Cafe Escondido on Urbanspoon spped

This place opened back during the summer. It’s Ted’s, what could go wrong?

I’ve had several meals here, including one with a largish group. In each case, I had the pork chili verde, and it was very good at least. You have that great salsa and queso to start.

It’s always been busy. Service was excellent in spite of that. The iced tea is great. My check for my last meal there was $17.80. You can find better Mexican in OKC, but you can’t go wrong for the Tex-Mex and speed of service.

El Vaquero, Stillwater, OK

25 June 2013

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El Vaquero is the building that used to be Bobo’s in Stillwater. We had dinner here this evening after a day or orientation activities on the campus.

The meal started with some very good salsa and an excellent white queso. The chips were pretty good also.

Ian got three soft tacos with ground beef, and one hard taco; Erin got the three soft tacos. Every bite was consumed. Raegan got a chicken chimi. She said it was very good. I got carne asada. I enjoyed it; the beef was tender and had great flavor, and the potatoes were just the right amount of spicy.

Service was right on the money. Our check was $53.41. We are looking forward to going back at some point.

Mi Cocina, Richardson, TX

27 June 2012

Mi Cocina - Richardson on Urbanspoon

Had dinner here this evening with a number of friends. I got the Sunset Enchiladas, which are enchiladas with meat in them. I got ground beef. They were very good. Not as large as at lot of places, but that smaller portion size has its advantages. We also got queso, which was very good. The salsa brought to the table was thicker, and a lot hotter than most places. It was good!

The iced tea was a bit weak, but good. We had a hard time getting our servers attention a couple times. The place was very full at 1840 and was still full when we left at 1950.

Overall, a good experience. Would not mind eating here again. My check was about $13.00.

Pepe’s Mexican, Edmond, OK

3 June 2012

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Last evening, my very cute and usually specific-location-challenged roommate announced that she would like some tex-mex. I had Ian call Ted’s to see what the wait was, but the number Google provided was busy. Since that’s not a good sign, we went looking elsewhere, and settled on Pepe’s.

We got there around 1930 and left around 2030. Pepe’s was 10% or less occupied the entire time.

We started out with a plate of ground beef, bean, and cheese nachos. Raegan and Erin got a chicken chimi, I got ground beef enchiladas delux, and Ian got three beef soft tacos. Iced tea all around. The queso was OK, but the salsa was thin and watery.

The meal was bland. There was no flavor to any of the ground beef, or the chicken. The salsa had no heat whatsoever. The beans and rice were bland. So it wasn’t a bad meal, it just wasn’t a good meal.

Service was outstanding, the tea was kept refilled. Our check was $45.24. Not bad, until you consider that fully $10 of that was the nachos. Take that away, and the check was in the low $30 range, which is a really good value.

But the food needs to be jazzed up a bit. The ground beef and chicken were likely cooked plain and then built and cooked and served. It needed to be cooked in a bit of spice first.

So would I go back? Probably. But if the next meal is as bland as this time, there will not be a third.

Mamasita’s, Oklahoma City, OK

18 May 2012

Mamasita's on Urbanspoon

We’ve passed Mamasita’s about four zillion times over the past 20mumble years. Last Monday we decided to give it a try. We got there around 1700 and left around 1830.

Raegan got a blue corn tortilla chicken enchilada. She said it was OK, but she didn’t know that the tortilla was true from blue cord, in that it… bled. Erin got a chicken quesadilla, and Ian got a cheese quesadilla. I got an El Grande Burro, which is a largish burrito filled with (in my case) ground beef. We also got a bowl of spiced queso.

The rest of the family said that their meals were “OK” at best. Raegan was not entirely happy with hers. In contrast, I really liked my burrito. I thought that the filling had a wonderful taste that was the right balance of spices. It seemed to me to be like a casserole in a tortilla. It was excellent.

The iced tea was not very good, I think it was instant. Service was curt, at best. It seemed to me that our server was much more interested in something else, and so he would rush up to the table, and hurry off again. We didn’t see him very often. The restaurant was not crowded at all the entire time we were there. Our check was $49.95.

Would we go back? Probably not. I really liked that burro, but if it did not appeal to Raegan then we have a showstopper there. If I were by myself in town one evening, then maybe I would go back, but probably not.

Mexico Joe’s, Stillwater, OK

16 November 2011

Mexico Joe's on Urbanspoon

Raegan had her Girl Scouts at Camp Stapley two weekends ago, and Ian and I met them that Friday evening for dinner at MJs. We had previously eaten at MJs a couple years ago, but we get to Stillwater (a city we both dearly love, and where we met) rarely.

Ian and I arrived in the area first, since the Scouts were busy setting up camp. We walked around the campus, and I showed him various places that I had classes in. The Student Union is undergoing a significant makeover (and had a Johnny Rockets operating that smelled WONDERFUL!).

We got to Mexico Joe’s around 1800 and had about a 20 minute wait (we needed a table for nine, it was a Friday evening, OSU was in session, and the day before a football Saturday).

The tea (and other drinks) arrived in plastic logo cups. A couple notes about them: they are SMALL (too small for this major-league tea drinker), but they change color with temperature, which is kind of neat.

I’m going to focus on what I got, which was the MJ Enchiladas. You have a choice of two or three (I recommend three for me). They were good, and covered with chili con carne. The beans were really good, and the rice typical.

The salsa on the table for everyone is smooth and really hot! I liked it, and had two bowlets just for me. That salsa had really good flavor. A couple of the Scouts though it was too hot.

Service was really good in spite of the fact that it was so blasted crowded. The check for our family of four was $42.65, not a bad value at all. MJs is good stuff.

Casa Milagro, Richardson, TX

12 October 2011

Casa Milagro on Urbanspoon

This place was recommended by a friend. A group of six of us ate here for lunch today. It was pretty good. I got the El Tres, which was a pair of enchiladas, one ground beef and one sour cream chicken. They had refried beans and rice as well. The meal was a lunch special, and was only $6.50. The iced tea was good, and kept refilled. I liked the salsa, it was dark red and medium thick.

One thing that was kind of odd; the restaurant will not do separate checks. That’s not very customer friendly. I would eat here again, though. We were there from about 1150 to 1240.

The Los Arcos, Edmond, OK

26 September 2011

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We were headed for Ted’s in Edmond Friday evening, hungry, but in a bit of a hurry as we needed to get Erin to Luther around 1900. We tried calling Ted’s about four times to find out what the wait was, but in each case, they did the old hang-up-and-drop-you-back-to-voicemail-hell. We drove past Los Arcos (“The Arc”, as translated by Babelfish), and decided to try it.

As we pulled into the parking lot, Ian finally got through to Ted’s, and someone told him they had plenty of tables and no wait. If the manager of the Ted’s in Edmond reads this, you lost four dinners that night because the people answering (really, ignoring) the phone were very rude.

So we got to Los Archos around 1800, and left right at 1900. The place was about half full when we got there, and pretty much full when we left.

We started with some good queso and decent salsa, along with chips and tortillas (our choice, we got flour). We also got a large order of beef nachos, and those were very good! Especially when you put a little salsa-enhanced queso on them!

Raegan and I got a double order of mixed chicken and steak fajitas with no peppers, Ian got a chicken and cheese qesadilla, and Erin got a cheese quesadilla. All of this was pretty good. I’ve had better fajitas, but I’ve had far, far worse. Both the kids scarfed their entire meals down. All of us had tea, which was good, except Ian, who had Coke.

We ended up with sopapillas, and those were small and tasty. One gripe – they put honey sauce on the table instead of real honey.

Service was good, even though the restaurant was filling up. Our check was 62.61. A little high, but we did have the big nachos on the order. We would go here again. You could do far worse.

San Marcos Mexican Restaurant, Oklahoma City, OK

13 July 2011

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Raegan has been to lunch at this restaurant several times as it is near school. The location is on May Avenue just north of I-44.

We were running errands Sunday and decided to eat late lunch. We didn’t have the kids, but I’m sure that didn’t have anything to with our decision… We got there around 1400 and left around 1440. The place was largely empty the entire time.

The iced tea was really good and kept refilled.

I got the enchilada dinner, which defaults to one cheese and one beef. I asked for one chicken and one beef, and got them with no issue. They were very good. The chicken enchilada had sour cream sauce over it, and the other beef had chili con carne over it. The rice and beans were very good also. A solid meal. Raegan got a chimichanga and said it was good, if too large for her to eat all of it.

The meal came with a couple sopapillas, with copious honey available to slather.

Service was very good; our check was about $24. A good meal, I will eat here again.

Desperados, Garland, TX

13 July 2011

Desperados Mexican on Urbanspoon

I had eaten here a long time ago (10 years or so) and remembered it was good. I went here for lunch today with three work friends, and it was good again.

We got there around 1220 and left at 1255. I ordered iced tea, it was good and strong. My meal was a lunch fajita plate (a little smaller than the dinner size), mixed chicken and beef with no bell peppers. The meat was very good, tender, and with a slight citrus flavor. The one thing that could have been better was having the onions cooked a little more. I let them keep cooking in the dish for about five minutes; they were still a bit crunchy.

Everyone gets chips and salsa. The chips are the thick variety, the salsa medium thick and perfect spice, and wonderful flavor, great stuff.

My fajitas were $10, and the check for the four of us was $44.62, a very good value, I think.

I don’t think I will go 10 years again before going back.

Casa Juanito, Del City, OK

14 April 2011

Casa Juanito on Urbanspoon

I ate here for lunch today. It was middle-of-the-road food. I got there around 1200, and left around 1240. There was a line waiting to order, but it was only about a five-minute wait. The restaurant was 90% full the entire time.

The ops concept is that you walk past a buffet-style serving area. You tell the guy back there what you want. Sometimes he disappears into the kitchen to get the order, and sometimes he takes the food off the buffet.

I ordered the #11, three chicken enchiladas with your choice of beans (pintos or frijoles) and rice. You can get sour cream sauce, enchilada sauce, or chile con carne overtop the food (I got con carne).

After you go through the line and pay, find a table and sit down, you get chips and salsa brought to the table. The chips are thick. The salsa is OK, with decent flavor, and chunky tomatoes; it has no heat.

The food was OK. Not especially good, and not bad. Service was OK. My check was $9.40.

Casa Grande Mexican Restaurant, Woodland Park, CO

12 February 2011

Casa Grande Mexican Restaurant on Urbanspoon

After a very nice hike to Rampart Lake, a friend and I were rather hungry. We picked Casa Grande since it was easy to get to!

We got there around 1900, and left around 2030. The restaurant was about 30% full when we got there. The iced tea was excellent!

I ordered some queso; it was pretty good, not spectacular. The meal started with chips (very good, light and crispy), pretty good red salsa, and really good green chili salsa.

We both ordered the Michoacan Trio, which is three enchiladas. Mine were two chicken and one ground beef, and Lance got one each chicken, ground beef, and cheese. I really liked mine; there was too much food, even for me!

Service was good, the tea was kept refilled. Our check was $31.49. Good food!

Alvarado’s, Edmond, OK

6 February 2011

Alvarado's Mexican Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Friday evening, we had run a bunch of errands, and didn’t really want to cook, so we headed up to Edmond to hit the Ted’s there. It had a 90-min wait (!), so we headed south, and Alvarado’s was there on 2nd Street. We had eaten at the Alvarado’s on 63rd many, many years ago, and I think we liked it, so we decided to give them a try (it should be noted that the location on 63rd has been gone a couple years ago, the land was eaten by the Chesapeake Energy expansion).

We got there around 1845 and were seated immediately. The restaurant was about half full. Our orders were taken quickly. The iced tea was really good, a good start.

Small bowls of queso and salsa are individually served. The queso was pretty good, it had just the right amount of flavor. The salsa had a strong tomato taste, and it was much more spicy than most, right to the edge of my comfort level. It was very good.

Raegan and I split an order of mixed beef and chicken fajitas, sans peppers, as usual. The fajitas were… not that good. They seemed to be charred somewhat. The chicken was tasty enough, but the beef was pretty tough. I had to fight the beef out of the tortilla. I also thought that the ratio of beef/chicken/onions was a bit more biased to the onions than it should be.

Erin had some cheese nachos, she wasn’t very hungry, and Ian had chicken quesadillas, he said they were good.

We got sopapillas to end the meal. Raegan and I got our glazed in brandy butter sauce at the servers recommendation. It was interesting, but didn’t really add to the flavor.

So the meal was… OK. Not bad, not spectacular. I was a little annoyed that the sopapillas were not part of the meal (the “standard” one was $0.99, and the two with the sauce were $1.29 each). The total ticket was $47.64. We left about 2015. Service was pretty good.

I would go back, in the same situation, but Alvarado’s would not be my first choice.

Jose Cuervo Tequileria, Tampa International Airport, Tampa, FL

14 December 2010

I had dinner in this restaurant inside Terminal A this evening. I got there about 1720, and the place was about half full. When I left around 1800, it was about 75% full.

I got chicken enchiladas verdes. The meal came with rice and black beans. My server told me that the rice was really a rice/pinto beans mix, so I got a double of that instead. The rice/beans mix was excellent! Tasty stuff. The enchiladas were also very, very good. They had salsa verde on the top of them, and it had been added before baking, so the stuff had soaked into the tortillas and added a great flavor to the chicken. The meal was not huge, and so was a good size before a 3-hour flight.

I got iced tea, and it was fresh brewed and good. Service was excellent, which means fast and attentive in an airport, which is built around deadlines.

My check was $14.43, a bit expensive if you are not at an airport.

The menu was, I suspect, a subset of the “outside the airport” menu. I look forward to trying one of these again.

Pappasito’s Cantina, Richardson, TX

14 October 2010

Pappasito's Cantina on Urbanspoon

I have eaten at this restaurant numerous times, but not in five or so years. We decided to go here for lunch today, in a group of nine.

We were seated in about five minutes (they needed to push a couple tables together) when we arrived around 1135.

We had our drink orders taken quickly and the drinks arrived quickly (and were kept refilled). I ordered two chili con queso with some beef added. They were a bit small, but were good. The chips were also good, very thin and hot.

I ordered a three-enchilada combo, two with beef and one with chicken. These were pretty darn good; the chicken was best, it had a great flavor. It was a lot of food, and I should have had the two-enchilada combo.

We left at 1300. My check was $31.55 (yes, expensive, but the two quesos I bought for the group was $13.80 of that). Service was excellent.

Sir Vesa’s Mexican Grill, El Dorado Hills, CA

12 October 2010

Sir Vesa Mexican Restaurant on Urbanspoon

A couple of us went here for dinner after a day of meetings nearby. We had previously eaten in this restaurant when it was a different name several years ago.

We got there around 1745 and were immediately seated. The place had maybe three tables occupied.

The chips and salsa were both good, the chips thin and crunchy, and the salsa medium hot and not too thin. I got a two-enchilada dinner, with rice and beans. The enchiladas were one ground beef and one chicken, both covered with chili con carne. It was a good pair of enchiladas, and they were hot from the oven. I got iced tea and it was good, if a little slow in getting refilled.

We left around 1850, and the place was almost empty. Service was spotty. My check was $13.22, I would eat here again, as long as I was not in a hurry.

FWIW, I made this blog post from a car traveling down I-35, via my Blackberry, which was tethered to the computer via USB. Pretty coo.

Fuzzy’s Taco Shop, Richardson, TX

24 September 2010

Fuzzy's Taco Shop on Urbanspoon

I had lunch here yesterday with two friends, as it is near their company. We got there around 1150, and it was almost full.

I got a Combo Plate, which is one taco (soft or hard shell) and an enchilada. I got ground beef for both of mine, and soft for the taco. The plate came with two sides, I got refried beans and “Latin Fried Potatoes”, which seemed a lot like my Gringo Fried Potatoes. I liked the enchilada, which was kind of small. The beans and potatoes were good also. I was not a big fan of the soft taco – there was something missing there, it seemed dry or something, even when I added queso and salsa to it.

Speaking of which – I ordered queso and chips and salsa for appetizers. Clark also got chips and salsa. The amounts were HUGE, it was far more than the three of us could eat. The chips were dusted with a red powder (I think paprika), and the queso had pico de gallo spooned in. The queso was more white cheese than yellow. Both were good, but I think one order of both/each for a group of four would be fine. The salsa was a bit spicier than most places, and so was very good.

We left around 1240, and it was packed! Fuzzy’s is loud inside when there are lots of people there. My check was $10.14.

We were at the Richardson, TX location. I did not know, but realized when I looked at their website just now, that Fuzzy’s is a chainlet around the MetroPlex, and that they are opening stores in north Texas, Norman, and… Madison, WI (kind of a leap, I think). I would not mind going back again.

Mama Roja Mexican Kitchen, Oklahoma City, OK

11 September 2010

Mama Roja on Urbanspoon

This is one of the newer restaurants on the Lake Hefner waterfront east shore. Our good friend Jackie suggested it, and it was a darn good idea.

We got there this evening at 1730, and were immediately seated. I was surprised that we were seated so quickly, as we had seven, and the place was pretty crowded!

We had read reviews of Mama Rojas on the way over, and one review complained that queso was not served free with the meal. Not so for us, we had small bowls of queso and salsa for each seat. And it was GREAT! I think it was the best queso I have had, at a minimum, in the top five. There was a taste of something in there, a smoky flavor that I found irresistible. The salsa was pretty darn good also. It was a little thicker than a lot of restaurant salsa, and had just the right heat. I mixed a good spoonful of the salsa into the queso, wonderful! The chips were really good also, thin and fresh fried, with a slight sprinkling of salt. Great starters.

I got two enchiladas, one with chicken and one with ground beef, both covered with chili con carne. It came with some spanish rice and some pinto beans that had small ground sausage cooked in, pretty good (you can also get plain pintos or refried). The enchiladas were very good, as good as you could get at any good Tex-Mex place.

Raegan liked her sour cream chicken enchiladas, but they were too big for her appetite.

Jackie and Jack shared ground beef nachos, and like them.

Ian had chicken quesadillas and didn’t complain about them, so I guess they were good.

Livy had a hard taco and Erin had a soft taco. Both disappeared in less time than it takes to type this sentence, it seems.

The tea and Coke were good, although the tea started off a bit weak.

I think the prices were comparable to other place around town, although I think the entree portions were a bit smaller than, say, Ted’s.

When we left at 1825, the place was full and rocking! This was good, and the prices were reasonable, so I think we ought to eat there more. Of course, I could get addicted to that queso! Service was pretty good in spite of how busy the place was.

Austin Grill, Washington, DC

25 August 2010

Austin Grill on Urbanspoon

This is another I-found-the-receipt-in-my-bag so it’s sort of late posts…

It was 07 July. We had visited the National Archives and were looking for a place to eat. We literally walked past Austin Grill and decided to try it.

We got there about 1815, and the place was only 15% full.

We got chips and salsa at the start of the meal. It was tasty, not spicy, and very thin. We ordered a bowl of queso, and none of us liked it. It was some sort of melted velveeta. We also got some nachos, and they were terrible. They were covered in the queso, and had embedded jalapenos and some other unidentifiable stuff. Not good at all.

I got steak carne asada. I had never had carne asada, but I liked it. It was applied to a skirt steak (like you would use for fajitas), and it was pretty good, with a good spice heat to it.

Ian got chicken fajitas, without bell peppers or onions. The chicken was very good, and if he had included the onions, it would have been outstanding. Darn teenagers.

Erin got cheese quesadillas and liked them very much. Hard to go wrong with cheese and tortillas.

Raegan got chicken quesadilla and they were good also. I know this since I had some!

We all ended up getting some desserts. Ian and I got vanilla bean ice cream, Raegan had cake, and Erin had a brownie.

We left about 1930. Our check was $85.17. Kind of expensive, but it was DC, after all. Was it worth it? If I were in OKC, I’d say no way. Being that it was DC, I’d have to say it was OK. Not getting the crummy appetizers would have knocked $12 off the bill, and the desserts added about $25, that would have priced the meal at about $50, which would have been reasonable.

Taqueria Mexico, San Antonio, TX

25 August 2010

Taqueria Mexico on Urbanspoon

One funny thing. I looked this restaurant up on Google, and got a hit for the website; it belongs to a place in Waltham, MA.

We ate here for lunch on the recommendation of the local folks that we were meeting with. It was good! We were recommended to get one of the lunch specials. I didn’t see any of those that are one of my regular tex-mex meals, except for chicken fajitas, so instead I got flautas. I’ve never had those before. They are corn tortillas wrapped around (in this case) ground beef (chicken is also available). They were OK, but were a little crunchy on the ends. I asked for some chili con carne to dump on them, and the server said “you mean gravy?”. HOT DAMN, I could say YES with confidence, and sure enough, I got some chili gravy shortly thereafter, which I promptly dumped all over the flautas. The meal came with a bed of lettuce and tomato chunks (yes, R2, I ate all of them), beans, and orange rice. It was all very good, and was not a huge amount of food.

The meal started with a salsa that was hot. Literally heated up and steaming. It was fairly spicy as well. It was a bit thinner than I like, but the taste was great. The chips were pretty standard. I got iced tea, and it was good and strong and kept refilled.

Service was excellent. We had a group of eight, and got 15% force-added for a tip. The service was good, though, and I left some extra. My check was $8.62, a good value for the taste and portion size. We got there about 1115 and were out at 1215.

Julio’s, Omaha, NE

23 July 2009

Julio's on Urbanspoon

We picked this place more or less at random for dinner tonight. Used my Blackberry and Google Maps to search for “restaurant”.

This place was really good. We all walked out with food left over (very rare, especially for me). I am used to restaurants having two enchiladas; I usually get one beef and on chicken. The server noted that there was just one per order, but then noted that “they are pretty good sized”. For the record, she was not wrong. My beef enchilada was almost two inches in diameter and stuffed with very tasty ground beef. The cheese and stuff was on the OUTSIDE.

My very cute and Tex-Mex loving roommate got a chicken enchilada that tasted even better than my ground beef selection.

Erin got beef and cheese quesadillas in the kids size, and liked them. Ian got fajitas, mixed chicken and beef. I had some of each, and while Ian didn’t like them (“they tasted funny”, which translates to different than what I’m used to), I thought they were outstanding. They had some subtle taste that was really good, on top of and enhancing the meat taste.

I also got a cup of white chicken chili that was very flavorful, and had just enough bite for you to notice. The chips were interesting, a mix of traditional chips and tortilla that was cut up and lightly deep fried. The salsa was very good, I thought it was mild+, but Raegan and the kids thought it was more medium+ in spiciness.

The iced tea was really good. Our check for four came to $43.

Chipotle Mexican Grill

30 June 2009

I first ate at one of these in O’Fallon, IL, during a visit to Scott AFB. One of my coworkers is really a big fan of Chipotle Mexican Grill, and he will basically eat at one if it is anywhere near by. He has complained that they won’t serve BREAKFAST there.

The way it works, you choose how you want it served (in a tortilla, for example), what kind of meat (beef/chicken/bean), what kind of cheese, the salsa, and rice or beans). They make it right in front of you.

I had been in a Chipotle MG several times, and then I went with my fanatic friend and a couple other guys to the Chipotle in Bellevue, NE.

The previous times, I got a burrito. They are pretty big, and were always OK. This time, I got a burrito bol. This is sort of like a taco salad. I got it with steak, which is sort of like fajita beef. For the salsa, I looked at the various salsa, and liked the look of what turned out to be the Tomatillo Red-Chili Salsa, which is labeled as HOT. Well, I do not like super-hot spices, but this stuff was right at the top of my tolerance. It was tasty, and smooth, and just hot enough to really spice up the burrito bol. I really liked this combination. I am going to try it with the chicken next time, but the steak was pretty much perfect.

So, would I eat every meal there? No (sorry, Jim!), I wouldn’t. But it’s defineately on the lunch rotation.