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A Bit More Hiking in WMWR

1 June 2012

Memorial Day, Ian and Erin and I went down to the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge. My objective was to hike down into the Narrows and hike Elk Mountain. We needed to go into the Narrows as Erin had lost her phone somewhere in that area and we wanted to look for it.

I’ve posted all the photos from this hike at Picasa.

BTW, there seems to be NO water at the camps. We filled up at the Visitor Center, and then refilled at the Refuge Headquarters (there is a pump in front).

We hiked down into the Narrows area first. There are few marked trails here. We had to walk over a gate that protected the Boulder Cabin; the trailhead is on the far side of the cabin. We went down and looked for the phone for a while, no luck. There is a nice small lake in West Cache Creek that has a bluff overlooking it. I am a bit disappointed that I didn’t take the time to hike farther down the Narrows. I want to go down to Panther Creek next time; we didn’t get a quarter of the way there.

Here is the trail we took; it’s 0.9 miles total.

Next Erin wanted to see Lost Lake. I knew there was trail on the south and west sides of the lake. We drove there, parked, and headed out. It’s a nice walk out to the dam, and easy crossing of the dam, and then you are on the Bison Trail part of the Dog Run Hollow trail system. We followed it to the next dam, Fish Lake. We crossed the top of the dam. It’s only about 18 inches wide, and was slick in spots. If you slip, it’s either into the lake on one side, or down the face of the dam about 30 feet.

On the other side, we looked around and thought we found a trail. It petered out, and I took a bearing towards the nearest road, and so off we went cross country. I kept a close eye out for snakes. Eventually we found the road, and walked back to the parking lot on it.

Here is our trail. It was 1.3 miles.

We went over to Elk Mountain. We got flagged down by a Ranger, who would not let us onto the road since the parking lots were full. So that didn’t work. It was about 1215 at this point, so I made a command decision, and we headed off to lunch, then back home. There were only more people coming into the Refuge, so I figured that our chance of getting to Elk Mountain was nil.

On reflection, I should have gone back to the Narrows. I will head back down there at some point, maybe int the Fall.