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Nannies and Natural Disasters

4 April 2012

I’m in the Dallas area today, after the tornado outbreak yesterday. I was watching coverage of the damage on one of local TV stations.

I was concerned by one of the reports. The reporter said that no residents were being allowed in the area, as it was too dangerous, and no one would be allowed in until city officials toured the area and said it was safe enough for residents to come back.

To me, this is bogus nannyism. There were dozens of reporters standing around on the lawns of destroyed and damaged houses. If reporters can be hanging around, then there is NO reason that residents can’t be allowed back to start working on their property.

The “officials”, who were not going to be in the area for a number of hours, are just exercising authority, getting in the way of people who need to get to their property.

This same thing happened in Moore, OK after the big 1999 tornado. The perimeter was six blocks from the nearest damage, and people with guns were keeping residents from their property, in the name of “safety”. The gas in the area was off, the power was off. It was just an exercise of nannyism. I was trying to bring Raegan’s parents some breakfast, and the only reason I got through the line was telling the officer that her Dad was diabetic and needed the food to keep from getting really sick. In that case, the decision to let people in wasn’t made until more than 24 hours after the storm. The storm was around 1800 on 03 May. NOTHING changed from about 0400 the next day until people were allowed in after 1900, on 04 May. I don’t know why it took so long (I note that I emailed the Moore emergency manager twice asking why, and never received an answer).

People are responsible for their own safety on their own property. OK, so I understand that you want to keep looters and gawkers out. So have the police authenticate people, and let those people leave the names of authorized helpers with the cops. But don’t keep people from working on their property.