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Facebook and Linked Accounts

18 September 2011

I have had a couple opportunities to “link accounts” in the past couple days. One was with Urban Spoon, I don’t remember the other one.

So in both cases, the Facebook cookie that is on my hard drive was accessed and read to determine who I was. Then FB was invoked and I was asked to confirm that the site could do a couple things: (1) access my basic information, which includes birthday and such; (2) post things to my Wall; and (3) send me email.

I declined both. Items 1 and 3 I had no problem with. It was the posting to the Wall I didn’t want. I want the things I post to be from or about me. I have no problem with some things being posted to my Wall; for example, I was tagged in several photos from my Yosemite backpacking trip by other hikers, and that tagging was posted to my Wall since it was about me.

But what I suspect would be posted by other sites is mainly advertising. I’m not opposed to getting advertising, but I don’t particularly want advertising posted to my FB Wall in my name.

So to Urban Spoon, or any other sites that want to practice cross-site authentication, I would suggest that you ask for the minimum information first, and then ask the user if they want to allow you to post to their Wall. In the case of Urban Spoon, I’m already giving them free content by linking my blog posts to their site, and not asking anything in return except to access other information on the site. I don’t want them to speak for me by posting to my Facebook Wall.


Urban Spoon, Me, and Eating

17 September 2011

As I say in the About Bill Hensley section of this log, “Food, is good”. I love to eat. One of my occasional bits of wit is that food is better than sex, because you have to eat. It might as well be good (the food, that is).

A while back, I wrote a blog post for Boulevard Cafe here in OKC. Someone from Urban Spoon noticed the post, and asked me to link it back to the US website. I checked it out, and then added the link, and have noticed traffic from US to that post every once in a while.

When I was out in Florida this past week, I saw a US logo on a restaurant I walked by. Today, I was sitting around, and decided to check the US site out. It about knocked my socks off, the content was amazing. I decided that from now on, I would link my restaurant reviews to the US restaurant listings.

One of the things I just noticed on the Urban Spoon site was a map of Oklahoma City Restaurants At Night. This is a super cool map! I really like the feature where if you float the mouse over a city/region, the lights on the map change color to yellow and get a bit bigger. Very, very cool.

I think that adding my small bit of content to the US site is really what the web is all about – I have some experience, and I add that bit of experience to the electronic consciousness of the rest of the planet, without giving anything up.

Happy eating!