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US Airways and The Saggy Pants, and Stupidity

6 August 2011

I wrote a post about this incident here. The charges against the saggy-pants guy were dropped, but I ran across this interview snippet.

Mina Kim of KQED, interviewing Andrew Christie, a spokesman for U.S. Airways.

(KQED) Is it a policy of U.S. Airways to remove people from planes for wearing pants that expose their underwear?
(US Air) [In] this particular incident, the individual was removed from the aircraft after repeatedly ignoring crewmember instructions.

(KQED) What was the safety concern related to his attire?
(US Air) The safety concern was repeatedly ignoring the crew members’ instructions.

(KQED) How does that become a safety issue?
(US Air) The safety of all our passengers and employees is our top priority and it’s important to adhere to crewmember instuctions, which is paramount in ensuring a safe and comfortable traveling environment.

(KQED) Regardless of the content of the instruction, you mean?
(US Air) That’s correct.

I usually try to avoid profanity, but in this case, only profanity will do. The US Airways spokesman is generating Grade A Horseshit.

So US Airways could, in the words of one commenter about this article, have a flight attendant order a passenger to sing a song, and then chuck the passenger off the airplane when the “order” was refused.

I will never fly US Airways again. I have flown the airline a number of times in the past years, but they will never get any more business from this frequent flier.

In another article, the airline stands behind the stupid conduct of the crew in this case. There have been other reports of a man at another airport boarding a US Airways flight wearing NOTHING but purple women’s panties and a matching bra. That’s even more stupid than having sagging pants, and that wasn’t an issue; this was about a week before the Case of the Sagging Pants.

There is talk about how the airline might have taken race into account in this case. That may or may not be the case, but the bottom line is that US Airways employees acted stupidly, and the company stands behind them, stupidly. Airlines are referred to as “common carriers” for a reason. As long as the passengers (the “carried”) aren’t doing anything dangerous, and wearing sagging pants is not in any way dangerous, then they are entitled to carriage. He paid his money, he gets a seat. The airline does not get to pass moral or fashion judgement, period.

…While US Air at SFO Didn’t

19 June 2011

CNN also had a report on the other side of the “security” coin here. This one shows how dumb people can be.

A guy at SFO showed up at the airport, got his boarding pass, went through TSA security, and then showed at the gate for boarding. He had sagging pants, apparently annoying the US Airways gate agent, who asked the guy to pull them up. He declined.

Now, according to the story, US Airways spokeswoman Valerie Wunder said the airline does not have a specific dress code, “but we ask our passengers to dress in an appropriate manner to ensure the safety and comfort of all our passengers.”

So what does that mean? There isn’t a dress code. The cops that wander every terminal didn’t seem to have a problem with the guy, not did TSA, who manned the security line. Do saggy pants affect the safety of passengers? I wouldn’t think so. What about the comfort of passengers? I wouldn’t think so there, either. It’s not like the guy is a behemoth that took up 1.5 seat widths.

So the guy was allowed to board, and then the crew ratted Mr. Pants Down out to the captain, who made a citizens arrest (for what, I wonder), called the cops, and had the entire airplane emptied because Mr. Down allegedly resisted arrest.

So I think that Mr. Down got screwed here. If he’s smart he’ll sue all involved. The gate people had no business telling him to pull up his pants. The captain had no business pulling a “citizens arrest”, and that meant that Mr. Down probably has a case for false arrest or imprisonment. The cops that showed up probably ought to have been the grown-ups in this incident, and informed US Air that the Contract of Carriage does not apply to where you wear your pants.

But I think that the pants-down look is stupid regardless.