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An Interesting RADAR Artifact

31 March 2013

I was looking at the wx on Channel 9 this evening. I noticed a small echo in north Oklahoma that didn’t seem to be a storm. I looked at the NWS site for OKC, didn’t see it, but switched to the Vance AFB site, and there it was. This is a screen capture:


I checked the Google map and satellite image of the area, there doesn’t seem to be a lot there. I wonder if it is smoke from a grass fire. It changes geometry, but the east and west ranges don’t move. Smoke usually has a fixed point on the upstream end, and then widens and lengthens with time.

I’ll check the news tomorrow and see if anything is mentioned.

31 March update:

I sent an email to the NWS office in Norman, and got a very nice reply back in just a couple hours (that’s a professional!). The echo is from a wind farm that was built in the last half of 2012. The wind farm is marked on aviation maps already, but it doesn’t show up in Google Earth images yet. Very cool.