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Venice Ristorante and Wine Bar, San Diego, CA

20 November 2009

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This place was recommended by the staff at the hotel I am staying at, the Embassy Suites La Jolla. It was within a couple minutes walk of the hotel.

I went here with a work friend after we had hiked Cowles Mountain. I thought some carbs would be in order, and Jim wanted some seafood.

First of all, the iced tea was worthless and weak. At least at first, it got better over time. I guess they had just brewed it, and so we got to sample the tea life cycle. It finally started acquiring some taste about half way through.

The staff brought us very good crusty bread, and oil and balsamic vinegar to dip it in, yum.

Jim ordered a shrimp dish and thought it was OK.

I got Capelllini con Pomadoro e Pollo, which is interpreted as angel hair pasta and chicken chunks in an odd but OK-tasting orange-pink sauce. I wanted to know what the above term meant. I started with Italian, made no sense, then tried Spanish and French. Here are the translations:

  • Capelllini with Pomadoro and Pollo
  • Capelllini with Pomadoro and Pollo
  • Capelllini idiot Pomadoro E Sports shirt
  • So I copied “Capelllini” out to Google; no translation, but a reference to the stuff being angel hair pasta. Pomadoro isn’t a word that I could find, but there were references to it as a tomato-based sauce, which explains the coloration.

    So the place was OK. My check was $20.61.

    Some caveats: if you think you are going to get food here like at an Olive Garden, you will be disappointed. This is, I guess, an “art food” restaurant.