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I Had a Lot of Fun Last Night

16 July 2011

I am currently more-or-less deployed to the Dallas area for work. A friend there coaches a community league volleyball team, and needed players due to some regulars being unavailable, so I volunteered. The league play is held in the gym of one of the middle schools of Allen, a very nice suburb of Dallas.

Our game was at 2000, and I got there around 1920 to watch the games befoe ours. I was impressed – there were people ranging in age from mid-20s or less to 60s, it looked like. And there were lots of people involved! While I was there, 8 teams of six people played on the two courts that were set up. Each court had a judge, even. The judge kept score, called in/out, and watched the net.

I had a really good time. We played three games (against the top-rated team in the league). We lost all three, but didn’t get blown out. The play was hard but not rough.

The thing that impressed me about this: my team mates were talking afterward, and these fun leagues are set up in at least three other suburb towns around the MetroPlex.

I think it is great that the city of Allen and the other cities will open their facilities up for this kind of recreation. It’s fun, and it’s healthy. I wish/wonder if we have these kinds of activities around OKC that I have just not heard about.

I would come as a surprise to some that Raegan and I played on a couple bowling league teams in our early married days. I also played community softball. I’m the coach of the St. John’s team when we can scratch up enough members for the Episcopal softball fun league here. I like playing these team sports, and would like to play more. I would be playing on our Division team at Tinker, but the games this year are all during my deployment days; three hours there and another three hours back is a bit much for an hour of softball.