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An Annoying Windows Bug

4 June 2012

I got very annoyed when XP Pro introduced a “feature” that automatically shuts off wifi whenever a wired connection was active. There is no good reason for this. I used the ability to share connections.

Another thing is vexing me now. My machine was docked, and I did a suspend. Now Windows refuses to re-enable the wifi. It requires an admin credential to re-enable. This persists through a complete restart.

In the past, I have to boot off another media (like System Rescue CD), re-enable the wifi, and then restart Windows.

So thanks, Microsoft, for doing everything possible to limit connectivity.


Vista and Administrative Stupidity

10 September 2011

So here is something dumb. I created a subdirectory (or “folder”) called 5-9 Sep 11 Dallas, to store some expense report documents. I needed to upload them for my expense report.

As I worked on the report, I used the web-based upload function to get the files to the server, and realized that the actual folder name should have been 6-9 Sep 11 Dallas. So since most versions of Windows allow you to change a file/folder/subdirectory name from a file dialog box, I right-clicked the folder, then clicked rename. It started the name change process, I changed the 6 to a 5, and hit Enter.

Vista thought about it for a second, then put up the dialog for requesting and authenticating elevated priveledge. WHT, I thought. I tried just clicking OK, that didn’t work. I did it again, and this time selected my CAC authentication, and Vista informed me that wasn’t elevated enough.

I left the folder name the way it was, then uploaded the files. I then immediately fired up Windows Explorer, navigated to the Documents folder, then performed the folder rename with no problems. So there is a mismatch in the security settings for the machine, or maybe a bug in Vista. Whichever it is, it’s annoying.

Vista “Sleep Mode” Weirdness

18 July 2010

I have power issues with my work laptop. I have had problems with my work laptops for years taking forever to boot, especially when not connected to the work network (one thing I documented was the boot process trying to download updated boot loader stuff EVERY time the machine started, and waiting a huge amount of time for the un-accessible login server to respond for each file; it meant the machine took 20+ minutes to start).

So my ops concept has been to hibernate the machine, or put it to sleep. The sysadmins have disabled hibernation on this machine, so I am left with sleep mode.

In several cases, I have put the machine to sleep, put it in my backpack, and headed somewhere. Several hours later, the backpack would be very warm, and I would open it up to find the machine running and hotter than heck. The power switch is inside the lid, so it’s not getting physically pushed, and so the machine is waking up for some unknown stimulus.

The latest thing is last week. I had put the machine to sleep when I left the office, and didn’t do any work that evening, so I didn’t even open my backpack. I was working offsite the next day, in a place with no network or wifi access. It seemed to be a bit warm when I got the machine out of the backpack. I turned it on, it came out of sleep mode, and logged in. I noticed that I had left Outlook up. That’s when I noticed that there were two messages that had been downloaded at 0405 and 0410.

So somewhere around 0400, the machine woke up in my backpack, was up long enough to connect to my home wifi network, Outlook was with it enough to hit its Exchange server, and it downloaded the messages. Then the machine put itself back to sleep again.

This is strange behavior. I can’t think of what might be making it wake up. I have noticed one case – if you have an external USB mouse plugged in, put the machine to sleep, and then pull the mouse, it wakes up again (annoying). So maybe some related glitch is causing the wake up.