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My 1000th Post!

19 April 2012

I’m surprised at this milestone of posts! My cute and very encouraging roommate suggested many times that I start “Bill’s BBQ Blog” to chronicle my search (and occasional discovery of) great brisket, ribs, pork, and chicken. So eventually I came to the conclusion that I would like to write about cool finds not only of food, but my occasional observations about politics, living, doing fun stuff in the outdoors, and the like.

I’ve largely managed to avoid constantly griping about stuff (although there is a bit of *that*!). I’ve enjoyed the occasional interactions with people who read the blog, and I’ve been amazed at the readership stats.

One thing I would occasionally post was a fix for something that vexed me, for computers or mechanical devices. I was astounded for a long time that the most popular post on the blog was how to replace the primer bulb on a law mower (or many other small gas powered devices).

I also like following like-minded blogs that others write. I follow a number of them that address science, tech, politics, and outdoors.

Having never imagined that I would ever write 1000 posts, I can actually see me getting to 2000 eventually. Pretty cool. I like the WordPress site, writing tools, and support. I’ve not tried any other sites, except when I have commented on other people’s blogs. If I help WordPress make a little money in exchange for tools and disk space, I think that’s a good trade.

Onwards! I’m looking forward to more posts about good places to eat, fun things to do, and interesting activities in life.

A Note About WordPress Blogging

16 November 2011

I was online for a limited time over the past couple weeks due to family issues, and ate in a lot of new restaurants. I blogged about them offline over the past couple days, and just now uploaded them.

One thing, a post would just not upload; WordPress would tell me it was uploaded, but would not display it. The only unusual thing about the post was the length of the title.

The title I was trying to use was:

Sundance Cafe, Quartz Mountain Lodge, Quartz Mountain State Park, Lone Wolf, OK

The title I edited down a bit worked:

Sundance Cafe, Quartz Mountain State Park

So this is probably a buglet in the WordPress upload software. I notified them, and hope they get it fixed.

A Slightly Spooky Facebook Feature: “Favorite Places”

24 June 2011

OK, so I am on Facebook too much, probably. I think it’s a pretty cool application. Sometimes I marvel at the ability of the app to correlate stuff, like the interests of people.

But a couple days ago, I noticed something that kind of freaked me out and fascinated me at the same time. On a page that displayed the status of one of my friends, and the comments to that status, I saw this on the top right part of the page:

Those are two restaurants. One, Lido, is a chinese american fusion restaurant in Oklahoma City. The other, Hunter Steakhouse, is in San Diego. I thought it an amusing thing that I had been to *both* restaurants. After a bit, I came back to another status page, and there were two more restaurants (in Omaha, and OKC), both of which I had been to. Later, another two restaurants (Alexandria, VA, and OKC); been to. Hmmm, I thought, I’m seeing a trend! I started clicking the “Next” link. There were probably 15 pairs of restaurants.

So the amazing thing here is that every one of the restaurants is in my blog.

It’s not surprising that Facebook knows about my blog; it’s in my profile as my website. The really amazing thing is that somehow, Facebook went to my blog, and found the restaurants, and identified them as restaurants, even though there are no tags that consistently define them as restaurants. A typical blog entry title is “Railhead Diner, Purcell, OK”. You would have to have some serious correlation software and a great database to see that my mention of Railhead Diner in Purcell is in fact a restaurant. The work “Diner” in the title would help, but what about an entry like “Lo Sole Mio, Omaha, NE”?

So this is, to me, a slightly spooky Facebook feature. I don’t find it an invasion of privacy or anything like that; after all, the blog is 100% in the public domain. It does make me think about the vast resources Facebook *has* to have to be performing correlation like this; it’s very intelligent.

There is a part of me that would like to work at Facebook or Google and work on some of these kinds of amazing software applications.