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Zeffirelli Ristorante Italiano, Herndon, VA

20 April 2011

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A couple friends and I went here for dinner this evening at the recommendation of a work friend who lives in the area. It was a great recommendation.

The meal started with some very crusty and rough bread. There was EEVO on the table, we asked for garlic in oil and balsamic vinegar, and that made the bread that much better.

I got iced tea. It was strong! In fact, after a bit, it was *too* strong, and had a distinct aftertaste, I think coffee. I put some sugar in it (a rare occurrence for me), and it was masked mostly.

I got pollo marsala; it was excellent. The sauce was a bit thicker than some I’ve had before, but had good flavor. It was a single, albeit large, chicken breast. The dish had some excellent sauteed mushrooms on it as well. There were some cauliflower crowns with the meal, but they had a spicy dusting on them that I found unpleasant. Next time I would ask for something else.

My check was $21.04. Service was very good. We got there around 1930 and left around 2130. Recommended.