Codys Original Roadhouse, Belleair Bluffs, FL

Cody's Original Roadhouse on Urbanspoon

I have wanted to try Cody’s but timing has not worked out to date. This evening, it did. I went to the location just west of where I was staying in Largo. I got there around 1830, and left around 2000. There were a lot of people waiting. Turns out that Wednesday is 2-for-1 fajita day.

The meal started with a basket of rolls and some cinnamon butter. Great stuff!

I ordered an appetizer of BBQ wings, but those could have been a meal for one themselves. The wings were large, with a lot of meat, and a very good BBQ sauce.

My main course was rotisserie chicken. The half chicken had a very nice smoky flavor. Most of it was moist and tasty, but there were a couple places that the chicken was a bit dry. Overall, very good. The chicken came with a baked potato that could have used just a bit more time baking.

Iced tea was great. Service was outstanding, in spite of how crowded the place was. My check was $22.23. I’d go back anytime.

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