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I Learned Something New About Screen Captures

19 June 2011

I learned something new about Windows XP just now. I do a lot of screen captures (what used to be known as a screen print) to get map data to a place where I can edit it with notations, or to crop it. Most of the time, I do the screen capture (it’s Ctrl-Print Scrn on most keyboards).

Right now I am running with my laptop as the primary display, and a flat panel as my secondary display. I’m looking at stuff on the primary, and annotating a captured map on the other.

I accidentally did a Shift-Print Scrn, and when I did the past, I got the capture from the secondary display. That’s pretty cool. I verified the behavior a couple times.

So add that one to the list of keyboard shortcuts. I know it’s probably documented somewhere, but it’s cool to find it out inadvertently.